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My Ketsubutsu Academia [My Hero Academia 307]

Heroes being heroes. No U.A. students anywhere to be seen. Yes, my friends, the world is now a scarier place with people like Jailbreaker roaming about. Fortunately, there’s someone who may do something about him.

No, I’m not talking about Ketsubutsu Academy’s Yo Shindo AKA Grand or Tatami Nakagame AKA Turtle Neck. They were useless in this chapter. Sure, it’s great seeing them again. And by their character descriptions we know they’re 3rd years, meaning U.A.’s Class 1-A is officially in their 2nd year at the school. Nice. Things have changed and Horikoshi seems to be slowly showing us just how much is different at our favorite hero school…by not showing anything at all.

So we meet again, Justin Briner!

But, hey, it’s Jailbreaker, kids! Or should I call him, Muscular? He’s just chillin’ and killin’ like we all figured he would be doing. It’s gonna take a powerful hero to take that monster down. Enter Deku.

Grand vibrates his daggers with his quirk. Nice. And very useful when cutting pumpkins for Halloween.

Last time Muscular and Deku fought, Deku’s arms got wrecked. Now, things have changed. This time Deku has more control over One For All, and just as important, more tools at his disposal. Black Whip, Float, Danger Sense, these quirks will help Deku beat the living glycolytic out of Muscular without forcing him to break his limbs in the process.

I’d also like to note I love Deku using Danger Sense to track baddies instead of simply knowing something bad is coming and dodging it. That’s pretty neat! Just goes to show Deku’s gonna use every tool at his disposal to his full advantage. Call the ambulance for Muscular now. He’s gonna need it.

Oh, no! That guy discovered Turtle Neck’s one weakness: Getting shoved!

This was an okay chapter. It moved the story forward. That’s about it. Evacuating civilians into highly secure hero campuses is in full effect and naturally, we have those who think they can fight off villains themselves. Or, at least, think heroes can’t do it, so it’s up to them to find a way. We also get a Ms. Joke mention. I think she’s alive, Y’all! No one made a sad face when talking about her. Yay! I love you, Ms. Joke. Dump that Erasure zero and get yourself a hero! No, wait, Erasure Head is a hero. Damn it!

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3 replies on “My Ketsubutsu Academia [My Hero Academia 307]”

Yeah; I get the feeling that this fight is going to be a MUCH different case than before. I’m not gonna say I’m worried about Muscular or count him out- but I’m curious how much stronger Izuku is now. Does he have the other 3 quirks now? And what are they?
I kind of wish we got to see Shindo fight more, cause I feel like his quirk could at least keep Muscular at bay. He wouldn’t win- I just think that it wouldn’t be an IMMEDIATE @$$ kicking. Though that may just be because I’m comparing him to Whitebeard, which…..isn’t remotely fair in the slightest.
I like seeing this time jump; it shows how rapidly things can change in short periods of time- as well as showing us what society is like some time after the big War. And yeah; I’m glad Jokes alive, too!

I didn’t consider Deku unlocking another quirk. That’d be interesting but I kinda feel we barely had time to see Danger Sense. But, at this point, I think it could go either way. Especially, if Deku already mastered Danger Sense during a short time skip.

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