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Still A. Live [One Piece 1008]

Od*n. Shogun Orochi. Ashura Doji. Let’s go down the list and see just who’s alive and who’s living impaired.

First up, Od*n. *SHUDDERS* Thank Enel he’s still dead! Like many had predicted, the former Whitebeard and Roger pirate was a living painting controlled by Kanjuro. Yep, turns out a notable villain in this arc didn’t get off-screened. Shocking, I know, but now he can get a proper death. Death, you say? Yeah, I don’t think Kanjuro’s making it out of this arc alive. But, then again, this is One Piece. Hmm…I’d say YES. He’s a dead man. Not by Yamato’s hand. He’ll protect Momonosuke long enough for Kin’emon to make the killing blow.

Introducing Kaido’s man-beast form! Isn’t it simply…underwhelming? Seriously, Big Mom looks more imposing than him.

Next, Ashura Doji. Is he dead? Given how seriously Oda is taking the Akazaya Nine’s plot, I’d say YES. He’s dead. Oda gave him a very dramatic death, named the chapter after him, and even showed a portion of his charred body. Yep, he dead like disco, Y’all.

Sweetie, I’m just getting started!

Lastly, Shogun Orochi. Again, no surprise he’s alive. He’s a freaking Hydra! Surviving beheadings are kinda their thing. Not sure if Orochi’s beast form can fly but either way he’s way too petty to let Kaido’s betrayal go unpunished. Burn it all down, Orochi! I doubt Kaido made his castle up to code. No fire exits, fire extinguishers, or smoke detectors anywhere. Forget Luffy, the great Animal Kingdom Pirates captain’s going down from smoke inhalation.

Dogstorm VS Jack? Who wins? If Sanji’s headed in that direction, then him. If not, they both die? I don’t really care either way.

Looks like Momonosuke’s got observation haki up the wazoo. He can sense Luffy’s status (from fighting Big Mom and Dracula on steroids) on the roof from all the way where he is (which I assume is far). Cool, I guess. Probably an indicator he’s gonna be powerful as an adult. Yay, I guess.

Dogstorm and Jack summarizing their dining experience at Outback Steakhouse.

This was a solid chapter. How can’t it be? Someone who looks like Od*n blew up! I should give it a 10 out of 10 just for that! The only way that scene could’ve been better is if Robin lit the fuse and watched the whole thing happen wearing designer sunglasses. Maybe I should write a fan-fiction story about it? Oh! And I can have Beyoncé show up too. This is gonna be amazing!

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2 replies on “Still A. Live [One Piece 1008]”

I hear a lot of theories that Momonosuke and Kaido are “psychically connected” because of Vegapunk’s artificial devil fruit. I don’t think so; I think you might be closer with the Observation Haki thing.
Ashura Douji dead? I’d believe it- though there’s always that chance. This IS “One Piece-” if Pell can escape a time bomb like that at Point Blank range; what ELSE are people in this world able to take?
This was a good chapter- I enjoyed it. And I look forward to seeing what we jump to next week. Or, you know; we COULD just stay at the top of the Skull Dome, yeah? Or see Robin kick Black Mariah’s @$$? Those are options!

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