Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Anonymously Blowing Heroes…Up! [My Hero Vigilantes 100]

The Drone Soldier Villain: Anonymous. They seem like average people but obsessed with destroying high profile personalities for their own self-interest. Reminds me of Twitter.

A war suggests people may die this arc. *GASP!* I don’t see Midnight here. Oh no!

We get the low-down on what exactly these bomber creatures are. Notice how much they look like No. 6? The artificial human acting as their commander probably isn’t a coincidence either. My guess is they’re primitive/altered versions of himself. Inferior clones, you could say.

You can tell Aizawa likes you when he doesn’t bind your neck. Sorry, Monoma.
Manga One Piece

Senior Citizen Protects U.N. From Dinosaur Attack [One Piece 1011]

This was one of those busy chapters where not a lot of important stuff really happened.

So, okay. Luffy and Kaido are still fighting. Kid’s still chasing Big Mom. But now, Killer is gonna fight Hawkins. Sounds fun, right? I’m glad you think so because I don’t care one bit. #robinbrookfight2021

Big Mom made another cloud homie to replace Zeus, called Hera. You get it? And it’s your classic female villain with an annoying laugh…and lipstick. Sure, why not One Piece? We have living fire with teeth. Why not have living clouds wearing makeup? Next chapter will probably have Napoleon wearing Supreme streetwear. Drip, baby. Drip.

Only a total perv would obsess over how much I’d—erm—they’d kill to drink the juice Robin’s soaking in.
Manga My Hero Academia

Republican Deku [My Hero Academia 310]

All Quirks Matter, right Deku? Those guys were clearly acting prejudice against that woman, and you didn’t even call them out on it. What? Was it her fault being out during a stormy night? Forget the umbrella and whoop their @ss!

I know. I know. I’m being a tad harsh on Midoriya, aren’t I? He’s probably not used to seeing such awful behavior based on just how someone looks. Guess I’m being overprotective because I really love that lady’s design. And she’s tall too! I wonder if she’s single? …What? Oh, you want me to finish talking about the rest of the chapter? *SCOFF* Fine.

No, he’s not Bakugo. He was never Bakugo. And he never will be Bakugo. Get that Time Travel Theory gunk outta here.
Manga My Hero Academia

Level Grinding For the Final Boss [My Hero Academia 309]

Muscular’s down for the count. Nice work, Deku. Now only several thousand to go.

With the immediate crisis over, it’s time to backtrack and learn exactly how Deku got into this situation. Not surprisingly, it’s part of a larger plan to track down the League of Villains. It’s not the best plan ever, but it’s better than Deku hanging out at U.A. around a bunch of displaced civilians who’ll get caught in the evitable battle.

Plus, Deku’s getting stronger while constantly in the field and gaining experience. No textbooks, no classes, no studying. Just pure unalliterated level grinding. Reminds me of how The Crawler from My Hero Vigilantes became proficient at using his quirk. Oh, Deku. I had no idea you gained another quirk: Copycat.

By day, they hunt the League. By night, they’re a Backstreet Boys tribute band.

Mid-gauntlet compression support items. Deku is using them to keep from breaking his limbs. All Might got them from America. Hmm… Could Melissa Shield from the first My Hero movie have made them? And, if so, does that mean the movies are 100% canon? But in that case, why did Deku get mid-gauntlets instead of the full version in the movie? Maybe Melissa only had the one pair from the movie? Hmm… for now I’ll just assume it was Melissa Shield who made the mid-gauntlets. Whether this is a new manga Melissa or the same one from the movies remains to be seen.

Manga One Piece

Stop! In The Name of Haki [One Piece 1010]

Ah! So that’s what Gol D. Roger and White B. Eard were doing.

The two legendary pirate captains were infusing their weapons with Supreme King Haki! Nice callback, Oda. And now, Monkey D. Luffy knows how to do it. But Luffy attacks with his body, not with swords or anything like that.

Enter Zoro. Turns out he’s got a little of the Supreme Pizza Haki too. And, look! He performed an Asura attack. We haven’t seen that in 40 years! Oh, yes, I remember humming along to Kool & The Gang’s Celebration as I read Chapter 417 so long ago. And right after, I watched Little House on the Prairie while eating Better Cheddars. But I may be wrong.

And don’t forget to use #supremehaki, #rubberyonko, & #prayforkaido

Anyway, that’s two members of the Straw Hat Pirates who can use Supreme King Tutankhamen Haki. Will we get a third or fourth? Sanji? Jinbe? I hope so. All the Straw Hats don’t need to learn it, but it’d be nice if the strongest 3 or 4 do.

Manga My Hero Academia

Thank You For Smoking [My Hero Academia 308]

Deku, my boy! What’s this? Don’t you know only a fool thinks smoking is cool? Oh, sorry. I thought you had a cigarette. Here’s your Cool Card back.

Smokescreen. Yes, my fellow My Hero fanatics, Izuku Midoriya has unlocked another Past User quirk. It’s a very complex superpower, but I’ll try to explain it in the most simplistic way I possibly can: Deku makes smoke.

Another simple, yet effective tool in Deku’s growing arsenal. This chapter has confirmed what I’ve been saying for a while now. The Previous One For All Users’ quirks are to be thought of as tools, not overpowered super moves. They work with the prime OFA quirk, not separate from it.

It’s either Deku or Ace Bunny from Loonatics Unleashed. …Yeah, I made a Loonatics reference in 202X. Don’t judge me!
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Koichi’s Got 99 Problems… [My Hero Vigilantes 99]

But a Six ain’t one. Wait, no. That’s not right.

No. 6 is an immense problem. Especially now that he somehow knows what’s going on throughout Naruhata from his location. Some type of radar quirk? Could he be getting reports from his goon squad spying on the heroes? Is he working with Wendy Williams? I hope it gets explained later.

Operation Anonymous. It’s a good plan. Causing a complete blackout and traffic jams while at the same time causing minor destruction. Not enough to warrant All Might stepping in, but more than enough to cause citizens to panic. It could even snowball into fights and/or riots! There’re tons of possibility for trouble, which means the heroes could be more and more distracted from No. 6’s hospital attack.

Who needs bomber monsters when Aizawa’s there putting Koichi on blast?

But at least the heroes seem to be done with chasing The Crawler. They’ve got bigger problems to worry about now. They’re ain’t stupid. Eraser Head and the others have figured out pretty quickly this was all planned. Now’s the time to find the real villain!

Manga One Piece

Homies Over Hoes [One Piece 1009]

Look out, Big Mom! It’s a trap! Oh, well. Hope you can swim. You can’t? Uh-oh…

It was a good plan. Separate Big Mom from her three homies, then throw her off the dome. Simple, yet effective. But will she fall into the sea and die? I’d say at least half of that question is possible. Sure, she may fall into waters below, but her kids will probably save her.

Franky’s clothes say Cyborg Hentai. Zoro’s says Three Swords. I bet Jimbei’s says Heavy Stud.

Orochi’s dead…again. You can stop chopping off his head, Oda. We already know hydras don’t die from that. Maybe third times the charm? Nah! I doubt it. But I do wonder how Orochi plans on escaping Onigashima. I guess he doesn’t know it’s flying. Whoopsie!