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Koichi’s Got 99 Problems… [My Hero Vigilantes 99]

But a Six ain’t one. Wait, no. That’s not right.

No. 6 is an immense problem. Especially now that he somehow knows what’s going on throughout Naruhata from his location. Some type of radar quirk? Could he be getting reports from his goon squad spying on the heroes? Is he working with Wendy Williams? I hope it gets explained later.

Operation Anonymous. It’s a good plan. Causing a complete blackout and traffic jams while at the same time causing minor destruction. Not enough to warrant All Might stepping in, but more than enough to cause citizens to panic. It could even snowball into fights and/or riots! There’re tons of possibility for trouble, which means the heroes could be more and more distracted from No. 6’s hospital attack.

Who needs bomber monsters when Aizawa’s there putting Koichi on blast?

But at least the heroes seem to be done with chasing The Crawler. They’ve got bigger problems to worry about now. They’re ain’t stupid. Eraser Head and the others have figured out pretty quickly this was all planned. Now’s the time to find the real villain!

Who you gonna call? Traffic Busters?

The goon squad is converging at the hospital. Uh-oh! Pop’s in serious elephant dung now. But wait, Y’all? Did we forget about someone at the hospital who can fight? No, not Detective Tsukauchi. Midnight! She’s the only hero there right now, so it’s up to her to hold the line along with the police. And I’m sure Soga will return to the hospital too. I’m…um…hoping he doesn’t die or anything. No, no. Don’t be negative, Red! I’m sure he’ll survive somehow. Who knows? Maybe Tsukauchi will die—no nevermind. Or Midnight could fall this arc—uhhhh nope.

Hmm… Maybe Soga picks up that mystery item from Koichi’s building before heading for the hospital? That could be what saves him!

But what about Pop Step? She’s still in danger. My guess is the special hospital wing went into lockdown the moment external power got cut. Good ole’ Knuckleduster! No. 6 is an excellent tactician, but even he can’t beat KD’s Batman level of planning.

No. 6 taking credit for AT&T’s crappy phone service.

This was a good chapter. It’s stepping up the chaos that’ll happen either next chapter or the one after. Next chapter? That’s 100. I wonder if something special will happen? The Crawler given temporary hero authority? Knuckleduster arriving? Pop Step waking up? No, none of that. Next chapter: Ms Joke. That’s right. Ms. Joke appears, looking for Aizawa and ends up beating the snot out of No. 6. I’m 99% sure that’ll happen. Man, it’s hard being such a brilliant theorist.

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2 replies on “Koichi’s Got 99 Problems… [My Hero Vigilantes 99]”

Knuckle Duster is out here doing a thing- but I don’t expect to see what it is so soon. Rather; I think the 100th chapter will see the beginnings of Koichi vs No 6, and tease KD messing around with No 6 again.
Pop waking up is certainly possible, though I don’t know what she’ll do as far as her involvement in this situation. I hope she’s more than just “The Damsel In Distress-” though I feel like having the female heroine NOT be in constant danger is becoming a trope unto itself. NOT SAYING I WANT HER TO BE- just sayin’.
I also see Knuckleduster appearing, though just in like a “Oh Sh!t” moment.

I don’t see Koichi VS No. 6 happening for several chapters, but who knows, I been thinking the build-up would be longer for the last couple arcs only to be wrong.

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