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Thank You For Smoking [My Hero Academia 308]

Deku, my boy! What’s this? Don’t you know only a fool thinks smoking is cool? Oh, sorry. I thought you had a cigarette. Here’s your Cool Card back.

Smokescreen. Yes, my fellow My Hero fanatics, Izuku Midoriya has unlocked another Past User quirk. It’s a very complex superpower, but I’ll try to explain it in the most simplistic way I possibly can: Deku makes smoke.

Another simple, yet effective tool in Deku’s growing arsenal. This chapter has confirmed what I’ve been saying for a while now. The Previous One For All Users’ quirks are to be thought of as tools, not overpowered super moves. They work with the prime OFA quirk, not separate from it.

It’s either Deku or Ace Bunny from Loonatics Unleashed. …Yeah, I made a Loonatics reference in 202X. Don’t judge me!
What a tool! No, no. I meant your new quirk, not you, Deku!

So that’s it. Deku has all the named (full or partly named) Previous Users’ quirks. All that’s left are the two who don’t seem to be completely on board with helping Deku, the 2nd and 3rd Users. Well, I’m sure that’s a big flashback waiting to happen. It’s probably also directly linked to the Shigaraki Bros. so who knows when we’ll get their full story, let alone knowing what exactly their quirks are. If I had to guess, I’d say the 2nd has a quirk that either reenforces or replaces Deku’s Air Force attack. While the 3rd may have some type of body armor quirk or shield. Something like that.

Muscular’s going down. But it was never an if but how. Mainly, how can Deku beat Muscular without destroying his arms, again? We got that answer. Grand (Yo Shindo)’s Vibrate quirk put a ton of strain on Muscular’s muscle fibers, causing many of them to rip. Deku just had to lure the muscle head away and finish the job. Or simply continue the fight depending on if Muscular’s powerful enough to go another round. I like Deku’s using his brain and not just punching his way out of this situation. He can’t. If he doesn’t want a free trip to the hospital, he has to learn how to defeat most villains without nearly killing himself in the process. Good job, Deku. Have a cookie!

♫Spider-Bunny. Spider-Bunny. Marvel’s lawyers don’t think it’s funny.♫

This was a solid chapter. Pretty straightforward, but the revelation Deku learned Smokescreen makes it even better! Plus, Deku can now talk to previous OFA users while completely conscious! Unlimited Zoom meetings in his head anytime he wants, the lucky bastard. But don’t overdo it, Horikoshi. If his final quirks are Face Mask and Vaccine, I’m gonna have to have a little chat with you, my friend.

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2 replies on “Thank You For Smoking [My Hero Academia 308]”

Imagine Izuku implementing these quirks during his next fight with Bakugo? Which- considering all that’s happening- will probably be about whether Izuku is coming back to UA or not. Considering all of these quirks, his usage of them, and just his raw power at WHATEVER PERCENT he is now; I feel like Izuku might just win. Though only barely because this IS Katsuki Bakugo.
As for if this is the end of the fight……….part of me feels like this is definitive- the other feels like Muscular is going to FORCE Izuku to do what he did last time. Though if I had to put money on it(don’t quote me on this); this is the end of their rematch.
I like how Shindo’s quirk played a role in defeating Muscular- it gave him purpose beyond just “fodder material” for Muscle Boy.

I think story-wise, Deku can’t destroy his arms. I think this rematch is suppose to show just how far Deku has gotten. If he winds up in the same state as last time, it makes his growth since then pointless.

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