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Stop! In The Name of Haki [One Piece 1010]

Ah! So that’s what Gol D. Roger and White B. Eard were doing.

The two legendary pirate captains were infusing their weapons with Supreme King Haki! Nice callback, Oda. And now, Monkey D. Luffy knows how to do it. But Luffy attacks with his body, not with swords or anything like that.

Enter Zoro. Turns out he’s got a little of the Supreme Pizza Haki too. And, look! He performed an Asura attack. We haven’t seen that in 40 years! Oh, yes, I remember humming along to Kool & The Gang’s Celebration as I read Chapter 417 so long ago. And right after, I watched Little House on the Prairie while eating Better Cheddars. But I may be wrong.

And don’t forget to use #supremehaki, #rubberyonko, & #prayforkaido

Anyway, that’s two members of the Straw Hat Pirates who can use Supreme King Tutankhamen Haki. Will we get a third or fourth? Sanji? Jinbe? I hope so. All the Straw Hats don’t need to learn it, but it’d be nice if the strongest 3 or 4 do.

And there’s always the chance of the cut getting infected. Haki may block devil fruit powers, but it can’t block tetanus.

Can Kid and Killer keep Big Mom distracted long enough for Luffy to take down Kaido? I don’t know. Probably. The Luffy VS Kaido fight has to happen, so I think they’ll figure something out.

Big Mom may take a little time for herself to fulfill Prometheus’ request. I bet the little hot head wants Big Mom to make another homie and get rid of Zeus. Hmm… Can Big Mom unhomie a homie? Have we seen that? I guess there’s no reason to believe she can’t. Not that it matters. Oda already gave us a taste of Nami and Zeus working together. I bet it’s all leading to their reunion tour.

Luffy beating on Kaido was a sight to see! Just how far into the fight are we? Halfway? Kaido’s gonna make a comeback at some point and there’s still Team Kin’emon and Yamato possibly joining in the battle. Or will they take on Big Mom instead? There’re several ways it can all go down. It’s all quite exciting.

Can I be Kellogg’s new Raisin Bran mascot?

This was a nice chapter. Asura’s return and Luffy attacking with Supreme Court Haki are my highlights. Huh? You hear that? Sounds like something scratching behind the door. Oh, it’s Luffy’s Devil Fruit Awakening. Aw! Sorry little fella, but it’s not your time yet. Now, be a good little future game-changing technique and stay quiet in the closet until Oda needs you. Good boy!

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