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Level Grinding For the Final Boss [My Hero Academia 309]

Muscular’s down for the count. Nice work, Deku. Now only several thousand to go.

With the immediate crisis over, it’s time to backtrack and learn exactly how Deku got into this situation. Not surprisingly, it’s part of a larger plan to track down the League of Villains. It’s not the best plan ever, but it’s better than Deku hanging out at U.A. around a bunch of displaced civilians who’ll get caught in the evitable battle.

Plus, Deku’s getting stronger while constantly in the field and gaining experience. No textbooks, no classes, no studying. Just pure unalliterated level grinding. Reminds me of how The Crawler from My Hero Vigilantes became proficient at using his quirk. Oh, Deku. I had no idea you gained another quirk: Copycat.

By day, they hunt the League. By night, they’re a Backstreet Boys tribute band.

Mid-gauntlet compression support items. Deku is using them to keep from breaking his limbs. All Might got them from America. Hmm… Could Melissa Shield from the first My Hero movie have made them? And, if so, does that mean the movies are 100% canon? But in that case, why did Deku get mid-gauntlets instead of the full version in the movie? Maybe Melissa only had the one pair from the movie? Hmm… for now I’ll just assume it was Melissa Shield who made the mid-gauntlets. Whether this is a new manga Melissa or the same one from the movies remains to be seen.

Looking good, Toshinori. Or should I say, All Drip?

It also helps the stronger Deku gets, the better his body is at handling One For All. 5% Deku’s body was a mess, but 45% Deku can contain a lot more of its power. That’s good. But his limbs are still kinda messed up, so it’s not a matter of them fully recovering so much as he’s keeping additional damage to a minimum. That’s something, I guess.

Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and Hawks keeping tabs on Deku. Good. He’ll need all the help he can get if Shigaraki finds him with Search. Or if Deku find him with Danger Sense. Of course, all they really need to do if follow each other on Twitter, but I guess they both want to do it the hard way.

Inko Midoriya knows the truth! Finally! She took it better than I thought, but what else can she do? There’s no running away from this madness. Good on you, Inko. But…I do wonder how Izuku’s father will take the news his son is gonna become the next All Might unless the most powerful villain in the country doesn’t kill him first. One more reason I can’t wait to see Papa Midoriya appear in the series.

And if I happen to die, delete my internet history.

This was a great chapter. I’m glad we got the full story on Deku’s current status and Inko learning the truth. We even learn Deku’s new scarf belonged to Gran Torino. I hope Deku washed off all the blood. It’d be awkward carrying someone away from danger, looking like you’re just gonna take them back to your hidden shack and torture them. That won’t get you up the hero rankings ladder. Don’t believe me? Just ask Deathstroke.

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2 replies on “Level Grinding For the Final Boss [My Hero Academia 309]”

I was wondering how Horikoshi would play the injury bit- whether he was gonna use Eri to heal him or something else. But his body getting more accustomed to the quirk as well as that use of Black Whips makes this make sense.
What’s more; I feel like it’s paying off the idea of One For All “becoming HIS quirk-” his body adapting to it and his control over it becoming much more rapid. He may not have been a prodigy with it like All Might, but it’s certainly happening!!
Inko learning about One For All made perfect sense- it’s about time they told her. And her reactions was pretty believable- given the circumstances of how she found out and the situation around this moment. Good chapter all around!

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