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Republican Deku [My Hero Academia 310]

All Quirks Matter, right Deku? Those guys were clearly acting prejudice against that woman, and you didn’t even call them out on it. What? Was it her fault being out during a stormy night? Forget the umbrella and whoop their @ss!

I know. I know. I’m being a tad harsh on Midoriya, aren’t I? He’s probably not used to seeing such awful behavior based on just how someone looks. Guess I’m being overprotective because I really love that lady’s design. And she’s tall too! I wonder if she’s single? …What? Oh, you want me to finish talking about the rest of the chapter? *SCOFF* Fine.

No, he’s not Bakugo. He was never Bakugo. And he never will be Bakugo. Get that Time Travel Theory gunk outta here.
Well, I know who I’m voting for in the next MHA Popularity Poll. Call me!

I thought last chapter was the end of the Deku Status Arc. Who would’ve guessed we’d learn the 2nd and 3rd Users had agreed to work with Deku? But what’s more interesting is why they didn’t want to. They HATE All For One. So much so they were willing to give our overpowered protagonist the cold shoulder for even thinking about saving Shigaraki. Just how bad was it at the height of AFO’s reign? I hope we get a flashback arc to find out. What am I saying? Of course we will. Maybe not soon, but One For All: Origin has to be ready to go whenever Horikoshi deems its time to give us that information.

We got some neat info already though. Yoichi Shigaraki is The First’s full name. And the 2nd User was the Leader of the resistance group against All For One way back when. That helps explain why the 2nd and 3rd are wearing similar clothing. Did I mention I really want to know their full backstory? Why did the 2nd spare Yoichi? How did the 1st die if he escaped? How did he transfer his power? And how long did the 2nd and 3rd hold on to One For All? Please tell me, Hori! Or at least give me that tall lady’s phone number!

When your fist is bigger than your butt. OFA isn’t the only thing that needs building up, Deku. Lay off the tonkatsu and eat some salmon.

This was a good chapter. The 2nd and 3rd being on board is great to see and I’m guessing Deku will unlock their quirks when he reaches a high enough level i.e. becomes better at controlling OFA. Or maybe he already has? They could be more offensive quirks. Super deadly stuff like chainsaw hands or lasers. Ohh! How about a laser chainsaw? It’s like a lightsaber but louder and looks cooler on movie posters. Stick with me, Horikoshi. With my brains and your art, we’ll take over the world.

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2 replies on “Republican Deku [My Hero Academia 310]”

The 2nd user is SO RIDICULOUSLY NOT Bakugo. But I can’t deny that there’s a resemblance. And because of it- as well as their quirks it seems- I’ve been thinking that he’s an ancestor of Bakugo. Which could tie into why Bakugo is able to withstand One For All.
You’ve seen the second movie, right? To make a long story short(and spoil as little as possible in case you haven’t): Bakugo is passed One For All momentarily. But as revealed recently- it causes quirk users to die quickly. If that’s the case, then Bakugo should be dead. Maybe the fact that his ancestor held the quirk means that Bakugo’s bloodline can withstand One For All! Fixes a forseeable plothole, and makes Bakugo cooler and even more important to the overall story.
The 2nd user isn’t “obvious” per say- but does probably has something to do with lasers. #3………..Yeah; I got nothing. But that Chainsaw idea ain’t half bad!!!

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