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Anonymously Blowing Heroes…Up! [My Hero Vigilantes 100]

The Drone Soldier Villain: Anonymous. They seem like average people but obsessed with destroying high profile personalities for their own self-interest. Reminds me of Twitter.

A war suggests people may die this arc. *GASP!* I don’t see Midnight here. Oh no!

We get the low-down on what exactly these bomber creatures are. Notice how much they look like No. 6? The artificial human acting as their commander probably isn’t a coincidence either. My guess is they’re primitive/altered versions of himself. Inferior clones, you could say.

You can tell Aizawa likes you when he doesn’t bind your neck. Sorry, Monoma.
Unlike Nomu, Anons wear bicycle pants, making them irresistible to leg simps.

Seems to be a lot of those Anons too. They’ll keep the heroes busy for a while. It also makes things easier for No. 6 and The Crawler to have their fated battle at the hospital. I gotta give props to No. 6. You’re one crazy SOB, but your plan’s working perfectly, for now. Then again, there’s still Midnight who’s hanging out at the hospital and Soga who no doubt will return there, eventually. Enjoy the hype now, No. 6, because it’s all gonna come crashing down in a couple more chapters.

That’s…pretty much it. The heroes are busy dealing with the Anons and Koichi’s on his way to the hospital to update the police on the situation and protect Pop Step. Yep, the danger continues to build in this final arc of the series.

Aizawa’s teaching Pokemon? No wonder he had to expel them. He hasn’t earned enough badges.

This 100th chapter was a good chapter. Barring any unexpected delay, Koichi should arrive at the hospital next chapter where the real meat (or tofu if you’re vegan) and potatoes of the arc will happen. No All Might saving the day this time, Y’all. The Crawler is the hero Naruhata deserves. Well, actually it’s Batgirl, but don’t tell Koichi I said that.

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2 replies on “Anonymously Blowing Heroes…Up! [My Hero Vigilantes 100]”

The Anon’s are an interesting concept. And I think we’ll be seeing those in the main story at some point- seeing as they’re so effective at their jobs. But my question is if No 6 is working with All For One an Ujiko- using the guise of “experimentation” to see how effective the Anon’s are.
Koichi vs No 6 at last! Although knowing Koichi; he’ll try to talk down the situation at first, and end up having to fight anyway. Only for No 6 to realize that Koichi’s kind of a Bad@$$. And of course; Aizawa’s gonna come in and help at some point. Which is going to be interesting to see.
Wow……..I would have thought we’d gotten to 100 chapters sooner. But I suppose it IS bi-weekly, so.

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