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Deku’s Bizarre Adventure [My Hero Academia 313]

A pretty straight forward chapter this week.

All For One also gave Lady Nagant a Nordstrom gift card. Who says you can’t look good violently kidnapping a child?

Let’s start with the biggest revelation: The Third’s Fajin quirk. It wasn’t explained nor used much but from what I can gather it’s some sort of energy emission quirk. Dark energy carrying Deku’s objects, creating decoys so Mr. Ninth could take Lady Nagant by surprise. Nice. Honestly, I’m not sure what else Deku can do with the quirk. Shoot it out as a long range attack? I’m really blanking on what Deku can do with this against Shigaraki. But, no matter. I’m sure Fajin at full power is much more useful than what we’ve seen here. Fajin the Jojo Stand incoming?

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Bullet Time for Overclock [My Hero Vigilantes 102]

As varied, strange, and numerous quirks are in the My Hero Universe, most can’t escape one glaring weakness: guns.

No. 6’s stolen Overclock quirk’s no exception. Yes, it makes No. 6 fast, but even he’s not immune to the pow-pow, if you can catch him. The vigilantes and police knowing Overclock’s weakness gives them an enormous advantage (Shout out to Knuckleduster and Detective Tanuma giving their respective teams the info on No. 6). All they have to do is force No. 6 to continuously use the quirk without pause, depleting the villain’s brain of precious oxygen needed to survive. Easy peasy, right?

Well… On paper, yes. The good guys did well this chapter. Extremely well, in fact. It looks like No. 6 is down for the count, but we all know it’s not gonna be that easy. No. 6’s legs have been shot, but he’s got Regeneration. The party ain’t over yet. It’s barely even started!

Either No.6 is saying hi or he and the Anons are about to perform a flash mod Thriller dance.

No. 6 can easily escape by blowing up a wall or making a hole in the floor. He could also use Trigger. Yeah, Trigger. Remember that? No. 6 using it would be a good way to bookend the story, seeing as the first MHV arc was about finding the people behind the drug.

Manga My Hero Academia

Lady and the Scamp [My Hero Academia 312]

Hey there, Mystery Lady. Let’s see here… Your profile says you hate our little hero society. You know what? I don’t believe you.

That’s right fellow My Hero-manics. I don’t think Lady Nagant truly wants the downfall of hero society. Did you notice All For One never mentioning her working for the Hero Safety Commission? I don’t think many people know that part. In fact, I don’t believe AFO even knows the circumstances behind her killing another hero. Well, neither do I, but that won’t stop me from speculating.

She’s not deep undercover because Hawks is tasked with capturing her so I can assume she really killed a hero. The question is why? Assuming it wasn’t an accident (She’s known as the best sharpshooter so that’s probably not the case.) Lady Nagant must’ve felt she had no other choice but killing that person. Maybe that hero wasn’t acting very heroic at the time.

I’ll go further. Maybe that hero also worked directly for the Hero Safety Commission and tasked to do something so unethical Ms. Nagant had no other option but to stop them. That seems to be the HSC’s modus operandi or Mo if you’re not a hipster. They’re not only in charge of heroes being responsive but also secretly in charge of a select number of heroes being preventive, by any means necessary.

It’s called twerking, Lady Nagant. Guess you’ve been locked up for a while, huh?
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Welp, At Least She Tried [One Piece 1013]

That’s something, Y’all. Good on you, Nami. Now to take my hopes of you having another wondrous 1v1, chop it up, then flush it down the drain.

#4 on Zeus’ playlist

Yep, I’ve given up on Nami. She’s gonna stay a weak fighter forever. …Hmm? Well, there’s her getting a permanent Zeus upgrade. Sure, Zeus is kinda dead right now, but maybe he’s kinda not. He could be simply inside Hera, small and weak. Oh, who am I kidding? Enough of this fake drama, he’s coming back! The whole Zeus subplot is solely meant to upgrade Nami’s fighting ability. The only question is when and how. My guess is Hera gets cut or smash or something and a tiny Zeus pops out. I will give Oda credit, I care a lot more about the little cloud than I ever have before. Looking forward to his return.

Big Mom made Hera to be Prometheus’ girlfriend. Whatever, Oda. F.U. Big Moron, F.U. Brometheus and F.U. too Hera, you basic cumulonimbus bore. I’ve seen literal clouds that look like tea cups with a better personality than you.

Nami lost her balance. Robin told her not to wear high heels in battle, but did she listen? Noooo.
Manga My Hero Academia

Simping For Snipers [My Hero Academia 311]

Looks like Deku may have found a lead in finding Shigaraki, while MHA artists have definitely found free real estate.

Ms. Tartarus is back! And she’s still got Overhaul with her. Wha???? What in the name of Mineta’s search history is going on here? Well, we know Ms. Tartarus has no initial connection to Deku, so either she was ordered or hired to find him. Maybe both. I think Overhaul is the key here. Shigaraki and Mr. Compress destroyed his arms so I doubt he’s working with the Paranormal Liberation Front. And we know he wants to heal his mafia boss so… What if he wants to make some sort of deal with Deku? Maybe Overhaul tells him everything he knows about the main baddies’ current location and/or what they’re up to and he convinces Endeavor to let him heal Eri’s grandpa.

Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure Overhaul wants Deku to do something for him. Yeah, this could all just be some petty revenge plot by Overhaul but I think he’s smarter than that. Trying to kill Deku won’t get him very far overall so it has to be more than that. Plus, if he hired Ms. Tartarus for payback, she would’ve shot Deku in the head and been done with it.

The Sniper was originally sent to Tartarus for her lack of tact. I mean, come on. Overhaul’s sitting right there.

We have confirmation Detnerat is making weapons for convicts. I’m glad that plot point’s finally paying off. And are they building weapons at the same location Skeptic is manipulating public opinion? Yeah, I said it. I think Skeptic’s fanning the flames of hero mistrust online, one way by spreading the knowledge Shigaraki is after someone specifically. Hm? But if that’s true, then why doesn’t Skeptic just flat out say it’s Deku? Maybe I’m giving the guy too much credit and the public is just looking for heroes to blame instead of the villains who caused this mess.

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Meteorologist VS Dinosaur in a Dress [One Piece 1012]

I’m not crazy about the Wano Arc but it helps me appreciate just how much I love the Straw Hat Crew.

Nami, hands down, is my MVP of the week. She and Usopp will never become the bravest pirates, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable. And when one or both of them find the courage to give it their all, it’s always a sight to see. Who can blame her? Tama got slashed in the forking face by Ulti! Not slapped. Not punched. SLASHED. That’s brutal, Y’all. So, it looks like Nami’s getting a fight after all this arc. Maybe.

Big Mom’s there too. This could all be Oda simply ending the chapter on a high note then washing away the moment with Big Mom stepping in and Nami doing something later after Zeus permanently becomes her partner. Either way, I hope this is the last stop for both Page One and Ulti. I really don’t care about them.

Nami rolled a 20 on badassery
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Visiting Hours Are Over [My Hero Vigilantes 101]

The Leave-The-Hospital-Arc is over. Koichi’s back and ready to do what he does best: Whatever Soga tells him to do.

That’s a good thing, by the way. Soga’s got the brains while Koichi’s got the brawn/speed. Those two back together means the Anonymus Soldier Counterattack™ will start very soon. Did Soga retrieve whatever was under the tarp in Koichi’s building? I bet he did, and that’s gonna play a huge role in their plans at some point.

So, what’s the plan? Honestly, I don’t know. There’re too many unknown factors at play. The Anons’ weakness, No. 6, Koichi’s willingness whether to go all out against Anons, the special hospital ward’s defense capabilities, the thing under the tarp, Midnight and Detective Tsukauchi’s current location; there’re dozens of ways this could all go down. Frankly, it’s exciting not knowing what’s gonna specifically happen.

Besides flying, Koichi also mastered the classic superhero pose.