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Visiting Hours Are Over [My Hero Vigilantes 101]

The Leave-The-Hospital-Arc is over. Koichi’s back and ready to do what he does best: Whatever Soga tells him to do.

That’s a good thing, by the way. Soga’s got the brains while Koichi’s got the brawn/speed. Those two back together means the Anonymus Soldier Counterattack™ will start very soon. Did Soga retrieve whatever was under the tarp in Koichi’s building? I bet he did, and that’s gonna play a huge role in their plans at some point.

So, what’s the plan? Honestly, I don’t know. There’re too many unknown factors at play. The Anons’ weakness, No. 6, Koichi’s willingness whether to go all out against Anons, the special hospital ward’s defense capabilities, the thing under the tarp, Midnight and Detective Tsukauchi’s current location; there’re dozens of ways this could all go down. Frankly, it’s exciting not knowing what’s gonna specifically happen.

Besides flying, Koichi also mastered the classic superhero pose.
This is what happens when you don’t skip leg day.

Hmm… Where is Midnight and Tsukauchi? My guess is they’re standing guard outside Pop Step’s room. They probably made their own plans when the blackout happened. So many threads are being woven into this final arc, Y’all. Again, I do not know how it’s all gonna go down, but it’s gonna be cra-ray-zee!

Once again, we see The Crawler flying. I think it’s safe to say he’s mastered it. So, what does this mean for the fated Crawler VS No. 6 fight? Will they be zipping and zooming up, down, and all around Naruhata? Maybe. If it’s gonna be a speed fight, then they’ll need plenty of room. Or maybe having their fight confined within the hospital is part of Soga’s plan. See? It’s just so hard figuring out where things are going at this point. I love it, love it, looove it!

The Trench Coat Mafia sends their regards.

This was a good chapter! Soga and the Crawler are back together and ready to end the threat on Pop’s life tonight, but No. 6 won’t make it easy for them. I guess ole Six’s plans on becoming a hero is ruined by people seeing him with the Anons. Well, unless he kills everyone there. No witnesses and all that jazz. Whoops! Let’s hope he’s wearing Clark Kent’s glasses or things are about to get real messy.

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2 replies on “Visiting Hours Are Over [My Hero Vigilantes 101]”

Confining No 6 and Koichi? Yeah’ that’s one way of beating out No 6. Although wouldn’t that also be something of a detriment to Koichi, too? Or is that where whatever was under the tarp comes into play.
Having to see those 2 deal with the Anon’s and 6er before Koichi and Soga get there is gonna be interesting to see. And we still have to wonder who it was that even put the tarp there or took Knuckleduster’s brass knuckles. Well……not so much “wonder who” as we must wonder WHEN he’ll make his move.
Koichi mastering flight? Yeah; more than likely. How that’ll play into the fight depends on how the final battle plays out. It might start off confined and then end up going through Naruhata, or it could end up going through Naruhata first and THEN get confined.
I always love chaotic arcs like this; they make for really good moments.

KD has to be monitoring the situation and knows what hospital Pop’s at by now. So, yeah, when is the question. I’d expect it to be when things get even more dire.

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