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Meteorologist VS Dinosaur in a Dress [One Piece 1012]

I’m not crazy about the Wano Arc but it helps me appreciate just how much I love the Straw Hat Crew.

Nami, hands down, is my MVP of the week. She and Usopp will never become the bravest pirates, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable. And when one or both of them find the courage to give it their all, it’s always a sight to see. Who can blame her? Tama got slashed in the forking face by Ulti! Not slapped. Not punched. SLASHED. That’s brutal, Y’all. So, it looks like Nami’s getting a fight after all this arc. Maybe.

Big Mom’s there too. This could all be Oda simply ending the chapter on a high note then washing away the moment with Big Mom stepping in and Nami doing something later after Zeus permanently becomes her partner. Either way, I hope this is the last stop for both Page One and Ulti. I really don’t care about them.

Nami rolled a 20 on badassery
Confirmation Sanji’s secretly a D. Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Cat Viper VS Perospero looks to be happening. What? You thought two semi popular female characters could double team a high-ish profile bad guy and win? Silly reader, this is One Piece. Nevermind it would be more fitting for Carrot defeating Perospero than Cat Viper knowing her and Pedro were good friends or, in general, watching an underdog (Well, underrabbit) win against a powerful opponent. Nah! Screw that! Let’s have Cat Viper do it instead. Damn it, Oda!

Sanji and Zoro had some enjoyable moments together too. They’re still rivals but they’re more like fighting siblings now than testosterone filled jocks upset the other even exists. Their camaraderie peeking through, not only for each other but for Luffy is one of the things I love about this series.

And good on you Akazaya Nine for not trying to attack Kaido again. It’s almost as if they know they’re not the stars of the story. Wait? Why aren’t they going after Kaido again? Was there an in-universe explanation? Oh, whatever. I don’t care. It was always going to be Luffy VS Kaido with the occasional cameo. Next up: Yamato! I’m looking forward to it if anything just to learn more about his and Kaido’s relationship over the years.

Momonosuke learns Od*n was an Onlyfans content creator

This was a good chapter. Hm? I’m somehow surprised by that ranking, but it’s true. The Nami, Sanji, and Zoro stuff made it worthwhile in my eyes. As well as Big Mom stating she’ll take out Nami and Usopp as soon as she’s done with Ulti. She didn’t forget about them. Big Mom never forgets those who piss her off. From pirates invading her territory to the Den Den Mushi customer service agent who put her on hold for 45 minutes while trying to dispute her phone bill. She will have her revenge.

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4 replies on “Meteorologist VS Dinosaur in a Dress [One Piece 1012]”

I wonder if Nami is ever gonna ride on Zeus. Like; to complete the Sun Wukong/ Son Goku parallel. I don’t think she can because…….wasn’t it because Zeus was Big Mom’s personal Homie, so only she could ride on it?
What do you think Zoro is going to do at the Live Floor? Is he gonna get Chopper to patch him up real quick and go back to trying to fight Kaido again? Or is his Observation Haki telling him something’s going on down there? Meh; I feel like we’re going to find out in the next few chapters.
Nami vs Big Mom vs Ulti- a 3 Way Deadlock. The winner- on any other day under any other circumstances- would be obvious. HERE AND NOW- I’m not sure how this is going to end? Whenever Nami get’s a FIGHT fight; Oda doesn’t have her leave without winning. Nami vs Ms Double Finger; Nami vs Kalifa…… felt like there was another big fight she had. vs Absalom? Meh, whatever- the point still stands! SHE WINS- some way; somehow. And I’m curious to see how.

I don’t remember reading anything about only BM can ride Zeus. I honestly never considered it.

I think Zoro’s out of the fight minus a temp heal from Marco.

It won’t be just Nami, Ulti and Big Mom. Law and Kid are on their way too. But, it’ll still be hard to beat BM. I’m still not sure if how they can win but I guess Oda’s planting seeds for BM to hopefully leave by choice or something like that.

Hm…….maybe I’m misremembering the information, but I thought that was the case back in Whole Cake.
I kind of doubt Zoro is out of the fight altogether. This is Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro we’re talking about here; the man took his Captain’s pain and stood still like “Nothing Happened;” tested a cursed blade by throwing it up in the air and letting it almost cut his arm off; and even took his Haki BACK from a blade that was using too much of it. It’ll take more than every single bone in his body to keep him from fighting.
I actually kind of forgot about Kid and Law chasing Big Mom. I kind of thought they’d end up getting into another fight against King or Queen, I guess. I wonder who’s gonna get the final blow on Ulti.

Yeah, I can see Zoro getting healed so he can fight King.

As for Ulti. She’s female and by Oda’s rules it’s most likely she’s getting KO’d by either Nami or Big Mom.

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