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Simping For Snipers [My Hero Academia 311]

Looks like Deku may have found a lead in finding Shigaraki, while MHA artists have definitely found free real estate.

Ms. Tartarus is back! And she’s still got Overhaul with her. Wha???? What in the name of Mineta’s search history is going on here? Well, we know Ms. Tartarus has no initial connection to Deku, so either she was ordered or hired to find him. Maybe both. I think Overhaul is the key here. Shigaraki and Mr. Compress destroyed his arms so I doubt he’s working with the Paranormal Liberation Front. And we know he wants to heal his mafia boss so… What if he wants to make some sort of deal with Deku? Maybe Overhaul tells him everything he knows about the main baddies’ current location and/or what they’re up to and he convinces Endeavor to let him heal Eri’s grandpa.

Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure Overhaul wants Deku to do something for him. Yeah, this could all just be some petty revenge plot by Overhaul but I think he’s smarter than that. Trying to kill Deku won’t get him very far overall so it has to be more than that. Plus, if he hired Ms. Tartarus for payback, she would’ve shot Deku in the head and been done with it.

The Sniper was originally sent to Tartarus for her lack of tact. I mean, come on. Overhaul’s sitting right there.

We have confirmation Detnerat is making weapons for convicts. I’m glad that plot point’s finally paying off. And are they building weapons at the same location Skeptic is manipulating public opinion? Yeah, I said it. I think Skeptic’s fanning the flames of hero mistrust online, one way by spreading the knowledge Shigaraki is after someone specifically. Hm? But if that’s true, then why doesn’t Skeptic just flat out say it’s Deku? Maybe I’m giving the guy too much credit and the public is just looking for heroes to blame instead of the villains who caused this mess.

In Japan, violence at a supermarket is highly unusual. In America, it’s Tuesday.

The Top 3 heroes’ discussion on AFO and OFA was interesting. Mainly, All For One focusing on completing Shiggy’s upgrade to later steal OFA. I never thought about it that way. I just thought about Shiggy’s upgrade in terms of physical abilities, but yeah, maybe a 100% Shiggy coupled with his rage could steal OFA with ease.

The rage issue could be a key in why AFO couldn’t steal OFA the previous two times he tried. But why isn’t he a rage-o-matic? Is this all just a plan, and he’s taken the logical route along with a matching mindset? Always smiling, just like All Might. I noticed that but I don’t think I every truly got it until now. More fuel the AFO and OFA quirks are basically the same quirk more or less.

Oh, and Toshinori is about to get captured.

Yep. Remember his long predicted death? It’s happening this year in-universe I believe. Getting captured and held hostage by AFO could be the beginning of the end for the former #1 hero. Unless Toshinori is being attacked by someone else? But who else would bother? Hmm… For now, I’m sticking with AFO’s goons targeting Toshinori.

Worst part is someone using their rain quirk for dramatic effect.

This was a good chapter. Not a lot of action but lots of fascinating discussion and plot developments. No more aimlessly roaming the countryside for Deku. Things are once again picking up, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Well, besides the obvious make-out session between Deku, Overhaul and Ms. Tartarus. At least according to the fan fiction I started reading yesterday. But, I do wonder where that pool full of jello they’ll wrestle in came from. The suspense is both killing me and making me hungry.

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3 replies on “Simping For Snipers [My Hero Academia 311]”

“All For One doesn’t have enough hatred to steal it himself?” Hm………I feel like it’s not the hatred he has for the One For All users post-Yoichi that’s the problem. I think it’s definitely needing a strong body, so 100% Tomura is a necessity. But his “hatred” not being enough…………maybe he just needs great anger in general? Which Tomura has in SPADES. Actually; I didn’t think much about any of that, either.
Overhaul being the one who hired Lady Dead Shot over there?………..Possibly. Or maybe she’s just lugging him around for some other reason. Something a little more noble than what we’re thinking, like “Even SHE can’t leave him alone in the state he’s in” or something akin to that? I honestly don’t know WHAT the h#ll Overhaul is doing here.
Skeptic messing with the public online? I’d believe it. But how the did Detnerat get weapons out there to convicts already? Wouldn’t the company have closed down with the reveal of the Owner being a Villain? Or were these made before it shut down. Cause I DEFINITELY don’t think it’s still around now.
Things are moving QUICK these days. What’s gonna happen when sh!t hits the ceiling?

Re-Destro probably has weapons stored in his PLF hideouts all over the country.

And I hope Ms. Tartarus isn’t helping just to be nice. Or, at least I want her to have an edge to her.

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