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Lady and the Scamp [My Hero Academia 312]

Hey there, Mystery Lady. Let’s see here… Your profile says you hate our little hero society. You know what? I don’t believe you.

That’s right fellow My Hero-manics. I don’t think Lady Nagant truly wants the downfall of hero society. Did you notice All For One never mentioning her working for the Hero Safety Commission? I don’t think many people know that part. In fact, I don’t believe AFO even knows the circumstances behind her killing another hero. Well, neither do I, but that won’t stop me from speculating.

She’s not deep undercover because Hawks is tasked with capturing her so I can assume she really killed a hero. The question is why? Assuming it wasn’t an accident (She’s known as the best sharpshooter so that’s probably not the case.) Lady Nagant must’ve felt she had no other choice but killing that person. Maybe that hero wasn’t acting very heroic at the time.

I’ll go further. Maybe that hero also worked directly for the Hero Safety Commission and tasked to do something so unethical Ms. Nagant had no other option but to stop them. That seems to be the HSC’s modus operandi or Mo if you’re not a hipster. They’re not only in charge of heroes being responsive but also secretly in charge of a select number of heroes being preventive, by any means necessary.

It’s called twerking, Lady Nagant. Guess you’ve been locked up for a while, huh?
Maybe you shouldn’t publicize your quirk’s limitations on TV, Snipe.

All For One. Sure, they could track him down and try arresting him. Or they could put a bullet in his head, never having to worry about him one day breaking out of prison. The League of Villains. Sure, they could track down their HQ and fight them head on. Or, they could implant a double agent willing to let citizens and heroes die to keep their cover as to pass on precious intel ensuring the heroes’ victory. That’s the Hero Safety Commission. The ends justify the means.

So, yeah, Lady Nagant probably disobeyed the HSC and killed a fellow agent earning her spot in Tartarus. The HSC could’ve easily lied to everyone claiming she did it because she hated a hero centric society. Bing. Bang. Boom. That’s that.

Now, if all that’s true. Why’s she going after Deku? What the big play here? Earning All For One’s trust? Is she still after him? Even after everything the HSC has done, does Lady Nagant still wish to complete her mission, not for the HSC but because AFO is truly a monster who must be stopped once and for all? Yeah, let’s go with that, for now.

Now for my spectacular theory why Lady Nagant’s keeping Overhaul around: …I…um…I don’t know. She’s a nice person? That’s all I got, Y’all. What do you want from me, huh?! I put all my skill points into why Madam Nagant’s in Tartarus. I got nothing left.

All For One offering free hugs to everyone at Tartarus.

This was a great chapter! I really love Lady Nagant’s Rifle quirk and what little we know of her past. It’s interesting as all heck and bravo to Horikoshi for doing so instead of making her just a female villain who’s only key point is being female. Having one quirk is bad enough, but with Air Walk added to her arsenal, she’s gonna be an even bigger force to be reckoned with. Just, uh, put some pants on, L.N. if you’re gonna be air walking around. It’s gonna save you a lot of headache in the future. Just sayin’.

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2 replies on “Lady and the Scamp [My Hero Academia 312]”

Is she gonna succumb to Quirk Singularity? Are the cracks we saw on Shinomori going to appear on her? Or is 2 quirks the max BEFORE that happens? Cause I think that something like that or her not being well acclimated to this quirk could play a role in Deku winning this fight.
Nagant being fed up with the Safety Commission’s sh!t? Yeah; I can see that as possible. And then she might have done the Vigilante thing before she got caught- at least. I don’t think she would have gone in without a fight.
Why she’s bringing Overhaul with her?……….I don’t know, really. She said she thought he’d be “useful,” but…….1)”Useful” can refer to any number of things- from “personal satisfaction” if you catch my drift, to just someone to talk to for awhile so she doesn’t feel lonely. And 2)What “use” could she CONCEIVABLY get out of him with the mental state he’s in? What could this man POSSIBLY do for you now that he’s broken inside and out? I kind of feel like she just feels bad for him and IS planning to take him to see his Eri’s Gramps. She USED to be a Hero, after all; she clearly wanted to help people before whatever happened happened.

One For All shorted the 4th’s life but he had the quirk for years. Even if having 2 quirks causes a negitive effect I don’t think we’ll see the effects (cracks or otherwise) anytime soon.

And, yeah, I don’t get why she’s keeping Overhaul around. The erasure bullets? But she shouldn’t know about that.

I’d say there’s something about we don’t know yet that’ll explain it eventually.

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