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Welp, At Least She Tried [One Piece 1013]

That’s something, Y’all. Good on you, Nami. Now to take my hopes of you having another wondrous 1v1, chop it up, then flush it down the drain.

#4 on Zeus’ playlist

Yep, I’ve given up on Nami. She’s gonna stay a weak fighter forever. …Hmm? Well, there’s her getting a permanent Zeus upgrade. Sure, Zeus is kinda dead right now, but maybe he’s kinda not. He could be simply inside Hera, small and weak. Oh, who am I kidding? Enough of this fake drama, he’s coming back! The whole Zeus subplot is solely meant to upgrade Nami’s fighting ability. The only question is when and how. My guess is Hera gets cut or smash or something and a tiny Zeus pops out. I will give Oda credit, I care a lot more about the little cloud than I ever have before. Looking forward to his return.

Big Mom made Hera to be Prometheus’ girlfriend. Whatever, Oda. F.U. Big Moron, F.U. Brometheus and F.U. too Hera, you basic cumulonimbus bore. I’ve seen literal clouds that look like tea cups with a better personality than you.

Nami lost her balance. Robin told her not to wear high heels in battle, but did she listen? Noooo.
Wish this was a YouTube video so I can Like, Subscribe, and donate to its Patreon.

On the bright side, Ulti’s down for the count! Yay!!!!! I’m sure I haven’t mentioned it at all on this blog, but I don’t care about either Ulti or Page One. So glad they’re KO’d. Let the good times roll!

Kid saved Nami, Usopp, and Tama. Sure, okay. He can’t defeat her alone. Guess I’ll wait for Law and maybe one of the Akazaya Nine to show up for the assist. Hmm…maybe Nami will have her big moment helping to defeat Big Mom with Zeus? Now, that would be cool.

Luffy lost. Wano Arc over. Let’s pack it up, folks.

No, no. That’s only round 2? 3? Anyway, it’s not over yet. Who’s gonna save Luffy though? Marco? Momonosuke? Maybe. It’s not too surprising, is it? Base Luffy beating Kaido in his man-beast form? Ha ha ha, nope-a-doodle. Stick a Gear 4 on that conqueror’s haki using mofo and maybe he stands a chance.

This was a…oh, I don’t know…good chapter. Yeah, it was. The Nami and Zeus stuff won me over. And that last couple pages. What a cliffhanger! Well, Luffy got thrown off the cliff, so maybe it’s an overhanger? Cliffhopper? Doesn’t matter, my popcorn’s ready. Time to read Ulti’s defeat again for the 46th time.

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3 replies on “Welp, At Least She Tried [One Piece 1013]”

How do you think Luffy’s gonna make it out of THIS one. We know he WILL, but how? Intervention from the Big Mom Pirates? Oda though we forgot that several of her children came to Wano with her. And with King and any other potential “speed bumps” occupied; they should be able to get in rather easily.
Though with his condition; this might be a little bit of a PROBLEM for our little Rubber boy. They know about the Alliance, and they have a vendetta against Luffy. SO………How in the heck is he gonna get out of this?!

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