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Bullet Time for Overclock [My Hero Vigilantes 102]

As varied, strange, and numerous quirks are in the My Hero Universe, most can’t escape one glaring weakness: guns.

No. 6’s stolen Overclock quirk’s no exception. Yes, it makes No. 6 fast, but even he’s not immune to the pow-pow, if you can catch him. The vigilantes and police knowing Overclock’s weakness gives them an enormous advantage (Shout out to Knuckleduster and Detective Tanuma giving their respective teams the info on No. 6). All they have to do is force No. 6 to continuously use the quirk without pause, depleting the villain’s brain of precious oxygen needed to survive. Easy peasy, right?

Well… On paper, yes. The good guys did well this chapter. Extremely well, in fact. It looks like No. 6 is down for the count, but we all know it’s not gonna be that easy. No. 6’s legs have been shot, but he’s got Regeneration. The party ain’t over yet. It’s barely even started!

Either No.6 is saying hi or he and the Anons are about to perform a flash mod Thriller dance.

No. 6 can easily escape by blowing up a wall or making a hole in the floor. He could also use Trigger. Yeah, Trigger. Remember that? No. 6 using it would be a good way to bookend the story, seeing as the first MHV arc was about finding the people behind the drug.

And you thought Shigaraki had the chapped lips.

Hmm… How many quirks does No. 6 currently possess?

  • Overclock
  • Regeneration
  • Bomber Cells
  • EMP
  • Body Expansion (His fist grew bigger before punching the locked door.)

That’s only five. But, wait! No. 6 doesn’t seem to have eyes now. So, could he be using a copy of All For One’s Infrared quirk? If so, that makes SIX quirks! *SQUEE!*

No. 6’s face also brings back in question whether he’s a clone of All For One. I mostly dismissed it because he and the evil overlord have different hair but maybe No. 6 simply grows it out and dyes it to match O’Clock. Hmm… It would make sense, No. 6’s reason for existing to be a living test subject in finding a way to stop Quirk Singularity. It would explain why he was given such a powerful quirk in the first place. Maybe AFO thinks Overclock’s mental processing power can prevent or slow Quirk Singularity. As always, I’m looking forward to No. 6’s origin story.

Wham, right? Shooty-Go-Wham? Or was it Shooty-Go-Slam?

This was a great chapter! No. 6 is finally getting his hands dirty at the hospital and The Crawler’s there too! This is where the finale starts for me. I expect nothing but amazing action, fantastic revelations, and uncanny character moments moving forward. Also, a rap battle. Don’t ask me why or how, but I’m sure we’re getting one.

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2 replies on “Bullet Time for Overclock [My Hero Vigilantes 102]”

Yeah; No 6 most likely has a 6th quirk- probably something he’s been hiding for a specific situation……..or when he gets IMMEASURABLY P!SSED OFF like he more than likely is now.
Overclock’s processing power helping with Quirk Singularity? Hm………Interesting thought. I mean; Izuku’s learning to operate multiple quirks at once now. So……’s possible. Very possible. But if that’s the case; why would All For One let it go so easily? Couldn’t he have given a copy of Overclock to No 6 and kept the real deal for himself?
A Rap Battle? Well, Pop is going to be getting involved in this fight sooner or later, so…… some point.

I don’t think No. 6 has a hidden uber quirk. Overclock is more than enough and one of the themes is speed. While it’s fine to have quirks that work with Overclock, having one that surpasses it seems strange to me at this point.

It may be No. 6 pushing Overclock to it’s limits that’s the key. That and AFO being injured. Maybe the big guy didn’t want to risk oxygen depletion in his state. It’s a lite theory right now so I could be very wrong.

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