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Don’t ust-Tray e-thay ero-Hay afety-Say ommission-Cay [My Hero Academia 314]

The CIA of crime fighting. The MI6 of a synthetic hero society. Welcome to the world of the Hero Safety Commission. Now play nice, or else.

We knew it was coming. I’ve mentioned before the Hero Safety Commission probably operated in part as an intelligence agency. Neutralizing threats to hero society in secret, by any means necessary. What I didn’t know is how extreme they are. It’s not just major imminent threats but minor threats get rooted out to keep society blemish free. Even talks of crimes against society are up for erasure. That’s cold.

Sting operations. Court order raids. Nope. Just death. Even the media is their puppet. Do you know how much power it takes keeping missing corrupt heroes and alleged criminals off the radar? To kill stories TV news stations or newspapers if they caught wind of a story? Here a hint: A freaking lot!

Don’t you know it’s not polite to point, Deku?
The Hero Safety Commission doesn’t even tolerate VS discussions. Now we’ll never know who’ll win in a fight between Endeavor and Fire Lord Ozai.

Oh my goodness! Iwao Oguro AKA the original O’Clock. In My Hero Vigilantes we learn after All For One stole his quirk, he retired. And most heroes when they retire do so without a trace to protect themselves from criminals seeking revenge. That’s the perfect cover up! Sure, many legit heroes actually do just that, but anyone killed by the HSC can simply be reported as retiring from the hero profession. Sneaky. Very sneaky, HSC.

While I condemn the HSC’s extremism, I understand where they’re coming from. One, their hero society is indeed based on trust. Without it we’d get, well, what’s happening now: Vigilantism, people using their quirks as weapons to defend themselves or others without proper training, and using actual weapons. Without trust, they’d be chaos.

Two, All For One and Destro. It’s not just their quirks that are dangerous, it’s their ideology. All For One, the tyrant craving control from the shadows and Destro, the army commander seeking quirk liberation. Both villains going firmly against the desires of a hero society.

Nevertheless, the HSC are extremely, um, extreme in their methods. That’s a no-no. No wonder Lady Nagant killed the HSC President and got a one-way ticket to Tartarus for it.

That’s still no excuse for Lady Nagant working with All For One. Going from a hero ruling society to a villain ruled on isn’t exactly a change for the better. Just goes to show how much she hates the current society.

Makes sense the HSC wants someone who’s basically a living rifle. Nagant’s classmate with the body bag quirk is next.

This was a great chapter! Lady Nagant’s back story was much appreciated. And I love her threatening to kill Chisaki. Lady Nagant knows heroes. No way Deku doesn’t try saving him, resulting in her chance to take him down. Of course, she doesn’t know Chisaki and Deku know each other. For all we know, Deku will save Chisaki just so he can punch the crazy out of him himself. That’s right, Lady Nagant. Welcome to the new hero society. No killing. Just friendly beat downs for all.

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2 replies on “Don’t ust-Tray e-thay ero-Hay afety-Say ommission-Cay [My Hero Academia 314]”

Would it be THAT transparent? I get what she means: A Megalomaniacal Business Tyrant ruling over everyone- you would know IMMEDIATELY what his whole things about. Not in detail, but you’ll know it’s nothing good. Whereas, like she said; all people are ever shown is “bright, cheery, Oh Aren’t Heroes Ever So Cool” part of this world.
BUT………All For One is a Lying, manipulative sociopath and somewhat psychopathic; mildly narcissistic, Megalomaniacal, and a bit of a stocker. On top of all of that- he’s had 200 somethings years to perfect his craft. So would it be THAT much more obvious that it sucks? Or would he manipulate you into thinking that his way is much better?
Though it seems like he’s a man of his word. He’s a business man if nothing else. He’ll keep his word, but he’ll find a way to screw you over in the end. Nagant is no different…….

I think Nagant is just so tired of the old society that she believes she’ll take anything else. All she sees are its flaws. She’s not thinking rationally, but is REALLY angry and apathetic.

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