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You Got a Bad Platitude [My Hero Academia 315]

What doesn’t kill you strengthens you. Right, Lady Nagant?

I’m positive you’ll survive, but we all die someday. Today just isn’t your day. So much for Lady D teaming up with the good guys. Being blown the eff up tends to put such plans on hiatus. Good catch, by the way, Hawks. I’m sure you and Lady Nagant have lots to talk about, including how horrible the Hero Safety Commission truly is.

Everything happens for a reason. So, how did All For One blow up Lady Nagant? Did the Overlord of Evil Respirator Masks give Nagant a third quirk? Or did he simply use a quirk on her? Something like Curious’ Land Mine quirk but stronger? If so, how did he know when to activate it? Is AFO somehow hacking into One For All’s dream space? Getting little bits of information here and there to conclude Lady Nagant failed and thus earned an explosion sandwich? Guess we’ll find out, eventually.

Lady Nagant changed his clothes. Sounds hot until you realize she made him wear all polyester.
It’s like a regular 100% but instead of Plus Ultra you yell out Plus Adequate.

Life is a mystery. And so is why AFO didn’t steal Overhaul’s quirk. It’s an incredibly powerful quirk. So, why not, AFO? I feel like there’s something I’m missing. Maybe Ujiko already stole a copy of the quirk before getting caught. A data book said he had access to Tartarus before the heroes learned he was a baddie so… it’s possible. But, if that’s the case, why doesn’t AFO just heal his old body with it? He’s wearing an oxygen mask so that can’t be the case. I’m just really perplexed on this, Y’all. Sorry for the tangent, but good things come to those who wait.

Everybody changes. Deku’s no exception. We learn exactly what The Third’s quirk, Fa Jin does. It builds up repeated motion-based energy. That’s pretty darn powerful! Almost…too powerful. I thought The Third and Second’s quirks would be the strongest but wowie, that’s one heck of an upgrade! At least it has the current drawback of giving Deku quirk overload if used with too many other quirks in quick succession. And overall, Deku will need it to compete with Shiggy so I’ll allow it for now. Yeesh! The Second’s quirk must be freakin’ awesome if it’s the last to be revealed. I’m cautiously optimistic right now. Here’s hoping for the best but whatever will be, will be.

Damn you, All For One! Those boots were Gucci!

This was a nice chapter, but that’s just my personal opinion. I’ve read some fans are annoyed about Lady Nagant’s sudden change of heart and I felt the same way at first. But keep in mind she wasn’t exactly an AFO fangirl and was just following orders because she really had little choice. AFO isn’t a guy you can say no to. Despise everything that’s happened to Lady Nagant, it makes sense she wants to live in a moral society, a trustworthy society. And that’s not happening under AFO. No matter how many free donut weekends he promises. I bet they’d all be stale, anyway. The jerk. Oh, well, nobody’s perfect.

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3 replies on “You Got a Bad Platitude [My Hero Academia 315]”

Me and my brother joked about him possessing some kind of “Contract Quirk-” he gave her Air Walk, and used “Contract” to initiate a clause that would kill her if she failed to complete the assignment. You know; it makes him closer to the “Demon Lord” he so seeks to be.
Yeah…….Fa Jin IS crazy powerful. Imagine if he did all those movements he initially did in Full Cowling now. All those jumping movements……..he’d be d@mn near invincible!!
He probably DID have a copy of Overhaul’s quirk, but I can almost guarantee that it was on the wall Mirko destroyed during the Hospital raid. I don’t think he had enough time to plant that with Tomura.
Do you think that Izuku’s “Parallel processes” messing up could be the reason why All For One wanted Overclock? Like; if Izuku has a hard time juggling 6 quirks at once- what must ALL FOR ONE’S usage be like? But with Overclock; he could speed up his “processing power.” So………could that be why?
I didn’t have much of a problem with Nagant’s change of heart. Like Deku said: “Her heart wasn’t in it in the first place.” So it’s not necessarily a “Change Of Heart;” it’s more like a “Revelation” or “Realization.”
In any case; another great chapter!! I don’t know if Nagant’s gonna live(kind hope so cause she’s high key hot), but she’ll definitely give them intel on All For One- like maybe where she was supposed to bring Izuku once she captured him. After that, though……….I’m not sure.

A contract quirk? It’s possible. Better than anything I can think of right now.

I guess Fa Jin is one more indication we’re in the endgame. It’s such a powerful quirk I don’t think Hori would allow it unless this really is the last arcs.

My interest in Overhaul’s quirk is mostly due to me thinking Shiggy will take back control of his body and fight AFO physically. But for it to be a close fight AFO will have to repair his body. Just a theory.

And, yes. I absolutely think AFO wanted Overclock to deal with Quirk Singularity or simply have more quirk control! Getting Overclock could’ve been his ultimate upgrade, that is until his body got wrecked by All Might and he decided to go in a different direction. Or, maybe AFO simply decided Overclock wasn’t as powerful as he thought after No. 6 loses the hospital battle.

There’s not much left for Nagant to do except give the heroes clues to where AFO is. Whether she survives after that is up to Hori but I hope she does. At the very least her story should be made public so she doesn’t have to go back to Tartarus.

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