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Gassy Endeavor [My Hero Academia 316]

You thought All For One set up a bomb? Silly My Hero fan, it’s obvious Endeavor had way too many dried apricots for lunch.

Shigaraki just wants to destroy, but All For One wants you to suffer. Safe to say it’s not a good thing when you have his full attention. Let me put it another way: I’m glad Inko Midoriya is most likely living at U.A. right now. Shigaraki, I doubt he gives two chapped lips about Deku’s mom. But, AFO? The guy who killed Nana Shimura’s husband, turned her grandson into a monster, and loves bragging about it to All Might? Yeah…maybe you should buy some pepper spray just in case, Inko.

I wanted Deku to punch Chisaki in the face so bad! Personally, I hope Chisaki says he’s sorry for hurting Eri. Not to her face, mind you. That piece of ostrich crap shouldn’t get near Eri ever again. I think Deku just wants Chisaki to acknowledge he’s living fecal matter, even for a microsecond. Good luck with that, Deku.

AFO, the scourge of Airbnb

Keeping with Deku for a minute, I wonder how far into darkness will he go? No, I’m not talking about him going evil, but getting emotionally broken down from one fight after another without support from his friends. Is Deku slowly getting pushed into All Might’s state of mind when he “killed” AFO? Yeah, All Might crushed AFO’s head in. He wanted that bastard dead with a capitol D! Will Deku want the same at some point? Now, I’m not saying Deku will kill AFO. I’m just pondering if Deku will want to kill AFO at some point or even try to? Hmm…

Just kick him in the junk and be done with it, Deku.

Of course that all may become moot if my Shigaraki Kills AFO theory is true. Speaking of theories, I’m starting to think the Hero Safety Commission had a hand in covering up All Might and AFO’s first fight. Why would All Might need to keep AFO’s name a secret? Sounds to me like the HSC may have said All Might fought Toxic Chainsaw to keep AFO’s memory and/or very existence as far from public knowledge as possible. Keep him a past boogeyman no longer around so society doesn’t have to worry. Sounds like their MO to me.

Did you catch AFO didn’t sound like he 100% knew Lady Nagant betrayed him? I guess he wasn’t alerted when she failed but still planned for it, just in case. Well, Nagant’s down, but it looks like we’ll see more powerful Tartarus escapees taking a crack at Deku. Nice. Um, I mean, oh no! Poor Deku! Let’s hope he doesn’t flip-out and chock some convict out.

If it happens, he’ll at least say he’s sorry afterward. Because, as you know, saying you’re sorry after chocking or killing someone multiple times with your quirk just so you can continue to use them as a human lab rat is okay as long as you sorta mean it.

AFO’s single and ready to mingle

This was a good chapter! I liked the all too brief interaction between Hawks and Lady Nagant and AFO’s pre-recorded zoom call to Deku. Looking forward to the next chapter, assuming Team Deku didn’t die. Well, that’s one way to have Bakugo take over as the main character, Horikoshi. Just don’t forget to apologize to all the Deku fans before Uraraka gives her farewell speech at his funeral. Maybe that’s when we’ll see Papa Midorya. Smooth, Hori. Real smooth.

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2 replies on “Gassy Endeavor [My Hero Academia 316]”

This is REALLY bad. Even with Inko at UA; we still have the dreaded TRAITOR to worry about(provided that Horikoshi didn’t forget about that plotline again).
Oh yeah; Izuku is going to get worn down to his core- he’ll come to a point where he can’t take it anymore. And THAT’S when his friends will come in to help him. Between Endeavor recognizing his own darkness and All Might having seen all of this before; Izuku’s in for a Major Intervention when it comes to it- whatever “it” in this context may be.
I think definitely think he pre-recorded that message. He KNOWS people- he knew Nagant wouldn’t do it. He just did it to f*ck with Deku- plain and simple. Meaning the OTHERS coming for him will either be like Nagant and explode, or Muscular and can’t be reasoned with.
This man is Pure Evil. He’s 6 steps ahead in a game of Wizard Chest while Izuku’s playing tag with a SHADOW. This will not end well……… least; not for the next villain that comes his way.

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