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But Then Along Came Zeus [One Piece 1016]

Nami’s been redeemed! Not really, but you can pretend it happened that way.

Sure, her kindness helped Zeus survive long enough for him to escape death, but KO’ing a mostly injured opponent, even if they’re a Tobi Roppo, isn’t something to write home about. It’s just an easy way to see Nami’s climate baton upgrade and, maybe, have her steal credit for taking down Ulti from Big Mamma Jamma. Hey, I’m not complaining! I love Zeus merging with the climate baton. The chapter seemed to want to make it clear he’s been reborn and weakened, but still tough enough to down powerful fighters. Hopefully, it all means Nami gets at least one more formidable battle before One Piece ends.

How NOT to shoo flies off other people’s heads.

Two Tobi Roppo down, three to go. Too bad we didn’t get X Drake’s reaction. We haven’t seen him in a while. Anyway, I hope this means the other Tobi Maguire fights finish up soon. Jack, Queen, and King are still fighting, and I doubt they’re going down before them. I swear, if freaking Page One gets back up Oda… *fist shaking intensifies*

CP0’s still there providing narrative updates. Moving on.

Mark my words, someone will make an Ulti electrocuted dance on Tik Tok.

Tama’s about to make her announcement, nice. It’ll really hurt Team Kaido’s moral losing more soldiers. I’m really looking forward to the impact it’ll bring to the battlefield.

Yamato joining the Straw Hats? I would’ve said no before this chapter, but I’m not so sure now. Yamato has the strength, personality, interesting body type (A female body with horns, which considering how almost all women in One Piece look alike, is a pretty big deal), and gets along with Luffy. I’m not saying it’s 100% locked in but the possibility is there.

This is pretty much Oda’s last chance to get a female body type in the crew. And I doubt Yamato will get much focus after this arc other than jokes. We’re getting his backstory in this arc, not much else to go with him. I’m not gonna put some BS percentage on it, I’ll just say if Oda wants a third female body type in the crew and wants to fulfill Luffy’s desire of wanting at least 10 crewmates, this is the character to do it with.

Even Kaido can’t resist Wano’s famous waffles.

This was a good chapter. I want more Nami/Zeus interaction and bravo to Usopp for helping in the fight too! With Team Tama’s major role and “fight” wrapping up, it’s time for other Straw Hats to take the spotlight. A quick goodbye today, Y’all. Gotta write a letter. See ya!

Robin? Are you there? It’s me, Red. Please come back. I miss you. I even made you cookies. Okay, I bought them. But, they’re the expensive kind from the bakery. Gluten-free too. Just please come back next chapter.


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4 replies on “But Then Along Came Zeus [One Piece 1016]”

Nami keeps the Perfected Clima-tact in her bra. And considering how big her breasts are; is Zeus gonna suffocate in there? If not- he’s ONE LUCKY @$$ B@STARD.
Man; I HOPE Robin comes back at some point. From that little panel we got with her and Brook fighting Black Mariah; it looked like she was battle damaged. And I think Black Mariah might be even more worse off than that…………
Kaido knows something important about Wano. And whatever prophecy or whatever is to be fulfilled here; I think Kaido’s trying to insert himself into it. I wonder why……….?

It may have something to do with Joyboy. Kaido mentioned him in a previous chapter. Either way, I’m sure whatever it is has something to do with him wanting One Piece.

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