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Never Go Full Batman [My Hero Academia 317]

Oh, Deku. My Sweet Deku-chan. You’re supposed to be the next Superman, not Batman.

You’re letting All For One get in your head, dude. Not a good thing. Do you really think he expects one of the Tartarus ex-goons to take you out? Nah. It’d be a pleasant surprise but what AFO really wants is to break your spirit and wear your strength down. Then either OG AFO or AFO/Shigaraki can easily capture you. Maybe both.

Someone needs a Snickers

Speaking of AFO making Deku suffer, let’s talk about All Might. If AFO’s leading Deku down the destitute path of disdained despair, the final nail in the coffin has to be the death of All Might. Yeah, yeah. All Might’s Gonna Die predictions are a dime a dozen but from a narrative point I can see it happening this year. Seriously, what’s left for Toshinori to do? There’s his supposed talk with Stain hinted at before the Heroes VS PLF War and…that’s it. That’s all I can think of.

All Might may convince Stain to help Deku or, in general, lead the vigilante down a path that’s key to turning the tide in the heroes favor, but that’s all I got. And Horikoshi killing All Might while his relationship with Deku’s strained just adds an extra dose of gut punch pepper to the recipe. Get ready, Y’All. Because I don’t think All Might survives 2021. Before the year ends, I predict he’ll die.

Stain. I mentioned him earlier, but let’s talk about him a bit more. I’ve always felt he’d come back into the story after being sent to Tartarus. Could we see Stain teaming up with Deku? Maybe, but Deku could just simply capture him. The guy’s an escaped convict after all (And, almost murdered Ida). So unless Stain gets the drop on Deku and forces him to listen while he’s paralyzed by Stain’s quirk, there’s not gonna be much talking. Hm… Could Stain form his own vigilante team? I guess that’s possible. Look, I don’t know, kiddies. All I can tell you is Stain will play a major role in the final arc(s), so keep your eyes peeled.

I’m here to lick ice cream cones and kill false heroes. And I’m all out of false heroes.

This was a good chapter! Deku’s gone full loner and Stain’s back. The heroes are desperate for answers and AFO’s having the time of his life. Going by the heroes talk at the beginning of the chapter, we may see more good guys joining Team Endeavor. Personally, I like to see Fat Gum, Rock Lock, Ryukyu, Suneater, Nejire Chan, Lemillion, and the Wild Wild Pussycats learn about One For All. Eraser Head too. Don’t forget Present Mic. You know what? Let’s just tell everyone. Ms. Joke, Monoma, Red Robin, Wolverine, Thanos, everybody.

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2 replies on “Never Go Full Batman [My Hero Academia 317]”

You know; what’s happening right now is what Stain wanted all along: The Purge Of “False Heroes.” The one’s left I guess would be the “True Heroes-” or close enough to it for Stain to focus on other things- like the only Hero he deemed worthy falling into despair the way he has. Stain is DEFINITELY gonna talk with Deku later on. And based on the description of Deku at the end of the chapter- it looks like he’s got a LOT of blood to use to keep him in place while he does.
Death Arms quit. That sucks. But I think the more “known” heroes we’ve seen quitting would really hit the message home. I doubt that Fat Gum and any of the Wild Wild Pussycat’s quit. Rykukyu’s still kind of banged up, but she should be back up by now. Rock Lock, though………..Man’s got a family to take care of. And I feel like his reason for quitting would be the same as Death Arms. The Big 3 are all still Heroes yeah. And Mirio learning about One For All will be interesting, considering everything Night Eye did.
All Might’s death by the end of the year? YES. Absolutely. Considering the current pacing of the story- maybe in late July or early August. Or hey; maybe Horikoshi will give us his death as the World’s Worst Christmas Present. If he wants to hurt the audience like that; he could hold off on that until then.
Or- considering the fact that it’s supposed to be “unspeakably gruesome-” he might choose to do it for Halloween. So many times he can pull; such few time left in the year…….

Yeah, the one thing I do know is Stain wants order. He’s anti-AFO and will try to stop him however he can, with whoever he deems worthy.

I can see Rock Lock retiring. I can also see Wash joining the Endeavor Team.

“Gruesome.” Does that mean physically, mentally or both? Hmm… Dying to Shiggy’s quirk is pretty bad or just slowly bleeding out from a fatal attack. So is dying in front of your sucessor. Lots of possiblities here.

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