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Crawl Me Maybe [My Hero Vigilantes 106]

♫Hey, he just hates you, and he is crazy
But here’s Number 6, so crawl him maybe♫

The Crawler VS O’Clock II continues. I’m just gonna jump into it. Number 6 wants to know how Koichi’s reacting to his Overclock speed. Well, I got a theory.

Slide and Glide is a full body energy force.

Not just limbs, the energy Koichi generates embodies him from head to toe. That’s why he’s able to generate a force field on his back. It may also be the reason he’s able to keep up with Overclock. Perhaps Koichi’s energy field also heightens his senses. His eyes, ears, everything is turned up to eleven when in danger without the vigilante realizing it.

Kidnapping, assault, murder. And now, copyright infringement. Can anyone stop No. 6’s reign of terror?!
Manga One Piece

No Pants Allowed [One Piece 1019]

Robot VS Dinosaur. Cyborg VS Man-Beast. Bikini Briefs VS Kilt. This chapter has it all!

Franky VS Sasaki happened. It was a Franky fight, meaning it was completely over-the-top, and I loved every minute of it. A flying triceratops, Y’all. Oda gave Sasaki the ability to fly! Crazy, just crazy. I was entertained throughout the battle. Franky may not be my number one Straw Hat (*waves at Nico Robin*) but he’s pretty darn close, especially after this fight.

Wait a minute… Something’s…not right. Oh! I know what it is!

Much better! Anyway, I like what’s hinted at by Sanji going up against a rapid laser firing Queen. It’s only a matter of time before Franky gains the knowledge to do that too. And with the General Franky wreaked from the fight this chapter, I think it’s time for an upgrade. Both for the giant robot and its cyborg creator.

Yamato unleashes his mythical Renamon zoan.
Manga My Hero Academia

Deku’s Class Whoopin’ [My Hero Academia 320]

It’s all been building to this. Seriously, the entirety of Class A taking on the final baddies has been a done deal for a long time.

Teamwork. Horikoshi’s been building up that theme for a while now. Villain teams, heroes teaming up in response, focus on team-ups in U.A.’s lessons. Team Lurkers, the Wild Wild Pussycats, the Top 3 teaming up, it’s all been leading to a final arc with all of Class A fighting to save Japan along with the country’s truest heroes.

And not just teamwork, the USJ Incident, the Summer Camp Arc, and internships. Class A gained a ton of real hero experience over the series again leading to this final arc with them working together to take down the Team Baddies.

The closest thing to Spider-Verse you’re ever gonna get in MHA

Even Nezu and Endeavor are on board. Endeavor’s most likely the one who told the class about Smokescreen and Danger Sense. Yep, once Deku gets his head straight (and body washed) things are gonna go fairly quickly in this final arc.

Manga My Hero Academia

Civil War (Otaku Edition) [My Hero Academia 319]

Deku VS Class 1-A. Who wins? Who loses? Doesn’t matter as long as Mineta gets punched in the face.

Good on you, Class A for taking the initiative in finding Deku! I gotta admit I assumed it was just gonna be the Bakugo and Shoto Show with everyone else stuck at U.A. I had forgotten how cool Nezu is. Him allowing the entire class to look for Deku was a wise choice. Better for them to do it as a team and stay in contact than force them to sneak out and truly be on their own.

The chapter picks up immediately after Bakugo threw a container of orange juice against the wall.

Sucks the kids are still officially first-years but understandable. Kinda hard focusing on class with the entire country in shambles. As for the U.A. Barrier, who made it? Was it the same person who built Central Hospital’s advanced medical tech? You’re gonna explain who made all this at some point, right Horikoshi?

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Best Offense Is a Good Defense [My Hero Vigilantes 105]

A shield! Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? Brain, go to your room!

Koichi using Slide and Glide’s repulsion power to block Number 6’s bomb fist attacks makes perfect sense! Last time I talked about The Crawler and Number 6’s similarities and opposite attributes. Well, we got another one: Defense VS Offense. Koichi isn’t trying to beat No. 6, just keep him distracted long enough for help to arrive. It’s a good plan in the short-term but there’re some problems.

Fist bumping gone wrong

The biggest being when’s help coming? This chapter essentially removed All Might from the equation. As far as the public and he knows, the Naruhata blackout wasn’t caused by a villain and while there have been reports of disturbances, nothing on the level of mass hysteria and chaos has been reported (All part of No. 6’s plan.). Basically, the Naruhata blackout isn’t worth the Number One hero’s time according to the news. Which is fine because that’s where Knuckleduster will eventually come in.

Manga One Piece

Jimbei and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Racist Sabretooth Tiger [One Piece 1018]

On a pirate lead island whose headquarters were spacious
Lived a sabertooth tiger man who said things quite racist.
Who’s Who is his alias, he listens to goombay.
He hated a fish-man whose friends called him Jimbei.

Jimbei joined the Straw Hats, his Sun Pirates days past
Who’s who hated Luffy because Shanks kicked his ass.
He’s taking it out on Jimbei, his breath like paprika
Who’s Who wants to know if fish daddy heard of Nika.

A laughing sun god, Joy Boy, a tendency of D’s smiling in the face of danger. Gee, I wonder if there’s a connection? …Nah!

You see, Nika is a Sun God, worshipped by some dude
Who was disappeared by the World Government, methinks that is rude.
Knowledge of a Sun God, the World Government wants to keep mystery
My guess is it has something to do with the long lost Void Century

Manga One Piece

Who’s Who Devil Fruit Is It Anyway? [One Piece 1017]

Never thought I’d say it, but I think I’m interested in Who’s Who now.

A former CP9 agent with fighting potential on par with Rob Lucci? Possibly thrown in jail for not guarding a devil fruit? I’m all ears, Oda! But why was he thrown in jail over losing the Gum-Gum fruit to the freakin’ Red Hair Pirates? Hmm… Could the fruit had been originally for a Celestial Dragon or other royal big-wig? And ole’ Whosey got thrown behind bars because of their hissy fit? There’s few people with authority over CP9 so it’d have to be someone high on the World Government food chain. Well, maybe it was just Spandine being a petty jerk. A simple answer, but it makes sense.

A cyborg dinosaur wearing overalls and sunglasses. If he wore a leather jacket, the World Government would hand over control of the planet just for being that darn cool.
Manga My Hero Academia

All For One’s Puppet [My Hero Academia 318]

Midoriya, I love you but you’re such an idiot sometimes.

You let All For One get in your head. Not literally. That’s Step 4 of his plan.

<Step 1>: Weaken you with psychological warfare.

<Step 2>: Wait for you to run out of gas while fighting villains.

<Step 3>: A villain captures you.

<Step 4>: Go mind-scaping in your brain and steal One For All.

A very obvious plan. So obvious, I wonder how NO ONE told you. I’m sure Endeavor figured it out, but he should’ve been more direct with you about it. The Number One Hero thought your critical thinking skills would override your emotions. He was wrong.

Bakugo’s not wearing his usual mask because his eyeballs got vaccinated.

It’s fitting Deku went against a villain who controls others given he’s being manipulated by AFO. Thankfully, Bakugo’s here. I…can’t believe I said that. I was sure I hated him. I…guess I don’t anymore. Okay then. Anyway, Bakugo’s back to keep Deku grounded while smacking some sense into him. Verbal smacking, of course. Wait. Do I want Bakugo to physically smacking Deku? I kinda do. What the heck’s wrong with me?!