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All For One’s Puppet [My Hero Academia 318]

Midoriya, I love you but you’re such an idiot sometimes.

You let All For One get in your head. Not literally. That’s Step 4 of his plan.

<Step 1>: Weaken you with psychological warfare.

<Step 2>: Wait for you to run out of gas while fighting villains.

<Step 3>: A villain captures you.

<Step 4>: Go mind-scaping in your brain and steal One For All.

A very obvious plan. So obvious, I wonder how NO ONE told you. I’m sure Endeavor figured it out, but he should’ve been more direct with you about it. The Number One Hero thought your critical thinking skills would override your emotions. He was wrong.

Bakugo’s not wearing his usual mask because his eyeballs got vaccinated.

It’s fitting Deku went against a villain who controls others given he’s being manipulated by AFO. Thankfully, Bakugo’s here. I…can’t believe I said that. I was sure I hated him. I…guess I don’t anymore. Okay then. Anyway, Bakugo’s back to keep Deku grounded while smacking some sense into him. Verbal smacking, of course. Wait. Do I want Bakugo to physically smacking Deku? I kinda do. What the heck’s wrong with me?!

Xi Jinping punishing Deku for calling Taiwan a country.

What happens next? Well, I’m guessing Bakugo and Todoroki (Joining the duo to assist while looking for Dabi.) will help keep Deku in line while all three try to find AFO. Not exactly a hard thing to predict, but I’m still putting it out there. The boys can also update Deku on what’s going on back at U.A. through a flashback, because if you don’t think the next chapter’s starting with a flashback you’ve not been reading My Hero Academia very long.

Foreign heroes. They’re coming! I’m excited! I did some digging (And by “digging” I mean someone on a forum posted a removed tweet about it) that the foreign heroes shown in Chapter 303 were seen in the newest 3rd My Hero Academia trailer.

All except the beefy person in the foreground. Those of you who read My Hero Vigilantes know where I’m going with this. Is that person Captain Celebrity wearing a new hero costume?

Well, the body type’s similar so… Yeah! I’ll say it’s Captain Celebrity. At least I hope it’s him! It’s hard imagining him not coming to help out Japan after reading Vigilantes. Please, please be him! I’ll do anything for it to be him, Horikoshi. Anything. Well…nothing to do with eating beef, dairy, or cheese. I’m trying to fit back into my bikini swim briefs before summer’s over. How about I just give you money instead?

Sharkey’s not evil. He just trying to make Deku take a bath.

This was a good chapter. A quick read, but enough to convey Deku’s constant fighting wearing him down. Anyone else notice it’s been raining for a while in the series? What’s that about? Is Horikoshi providing a dower atmosphere or is it something more? Just pointing it out. By the way, I sent you the check, Hori. Just don’t cash it until next week. It’s gonna take some time selling my 90s Yo-Yo collection.

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6 replies on “All For One’s Puppet [My Hero Academia 318]”

I don’t think it’s just Bakugo and Shoto. No; I think that the vast majority of Class 1A is here to have a “talk” with Izuku. Uraraka, Ilda, possibly Kirishima and Tokoyami- or maybe just all of them.
But I think this will be a little more than an intervention- in that we’re going to get Deku vs Kacchan 3!! And the conditions of the match will be Izuku coming back to UA, they think of a plan “together,” and kick All For One’s undead @$$ together. But if Izuku wins(which I KIND OF Hope he DOES, just to like make it so that Izuku comes to his sense, but he’s still stronger than Bakugo currently); he can keep doing what he’s doing.
I really do think that this is the arc we’ll see Izuku’s dad. Be it him just coming home to see how his family is doing in person, or as one of the Relief workers- or as a Volunteer Relief worker(I imagine they need all the help they can get on this one). Who knows; maybe he came with the class to talk some sense into his son. Or he’s with Inko working on their second child………
I kind of feel like you’re right- a flashback to what’s been going on at UA is imminent. Maybe the traitors already struck and taken Inko to All For One- prompting this whole intervention. We knew something like this would happen- it was only a matter of “When.” And something like that would have sped this up.
Captain Celebrity is coming alright. And he’ll say something along the lines of “I knew a kid like you before…”

I don’t see the entire class being there, but maybe a handful at most.

If Bakugo and Deku fight now, I think Bakugo is winning. Deku’s in no condition to take on a 100% Bakugo.

I agree with Deku’s dad coming. I still think his job may have something to do with a foreign hero but it can be just about anything at this point.

Inko getting kidnapped. That gave me an interesting thought. For some reason my mind went to when Toshinori said Inko reminded him of Nana. Could he die protecting her? Just a VERY random thought.

……..Possibly. I always imagined his death coming from trying to save Izuku- a parallel to Chapter 1 that ends in tragedy. But his death saving INKO……..That would DESTROY Izuku. Not only was he not strong enough to save his Mother with his own strength, but the mentor he said he “didn’t need following him anymore” sacrificing himself to do what he couldn’t- all because he let his “impatience” get the better of him? If you’re right about this, then All For One is TRULY the Ultimate Criminal Mastermind.

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