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Who’s Who Devil Fruit Is It Anyway? [One Piece 1017]

Never thought I’d say it, but I think I’m interested in Who’s Who now.

A former CP9 agent with fighting potential on par with Rob Lucci? Possibly thrown in jail for not guarding a devil fruit? I’m all ears, Oda! But why was he thrown in jail over losing the Gum-Gum fruit to the freakin’ Red Hair Pirates? Hmm… Could the fruit had been originally for a Celestial Dragon or other royal big-wig? And ole’ Whosey got thrown behind bars because of their hissy fit? There’s few people with authority over CP9 so it’d have to be someone high on the World Government food chain. Well, maybe it was just Spandine being a petty jerk. A simple answer, but it makes sense.

A cyborg dinosaur wearing overalls and sunglasses. If he wore a leather jacket, the World Government would hand over control of the planet just for being that darn cool.
Slow down, Who’s Who. If you wanna kiss Jimbei, you have to buy him dinner first.

Welcome to the man-beast portion of the officer fights. Who’s Who and Queen are up first. Ah, yes, Queen. We learn he was once a member of Judge’s research team called MADS and a…CYBORG! Whaaaaaaaaaa? And here I thought all Brachiosaurus can extend their necks and shoot laser beams out their mouths. That’s sarcasm, Y’all. Look it up.

Cyborg Queen VS Raid Suit Sanji. Safe to say that’s coming. So is King VS Zoro (Miyagi’s about to give Zoro that restorative OG Kush). What? You thought Marco was gonna take King down? Nah! He’ll find something else to do or maybe provide an assist before giving Luffy a protein shake and quick patch up.

Chopper’s Baby Geezer mode. It exists. Moving on.

Tama activated the Gifters! It’s the primary focus of the chapter and nice to see finally happen but there’s nothing much to say about it. Yay? I guess?

You see, he’s really small but talks like an old man. Get it? It’s comedy…sorta.

This was a good chapter! Sanji and Zoro’s fights are [relatively] approaching, Luffy’s rescued, and the officer battles are kicking into high gear. Robin. It’s almost time for your return. I can feel it in my heart. Wait, no. That’s heartburn. Darn you spicy takeout! Agh!

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4 replies on “Who’s Who Devil Fruit Is It Anyway? [One Piece 1017]”

You know what? You’re probably right. Everbody- myself included- have been making theories on why the World Government wanted the Gum Gum fruit. But it probably WAS just something for the Celestial Dragons and he got thrown in the slammer for his “incompetence(even though it was the FRE@KIN’ RED HAIR PIRATES WHO ONLY HAD TO SHOW UP AND SAY “COME AT ME BRO” FOR A WAR TO STOP). Maybe we ARE just looking into it too much…….
It is quite perplexing what Marco will do. Oda wouldn’t have brought him back(or revealed his bounty in one of the Vivre Card Data pack things) without planning to do something with him. Maybe he’ll go to the top of the Skull Dome and help Yamato fight Kaido? Or he could provide an assist at the very end of the Raid.
Do you think Zoro is going to end up even WORSE than how he was at the end of Thriller Bark? Or will nothing he experiences ever be as painful as that one again?
Baby Geezer Chopper. Hilarious.

I’m not concerned about Zoro’s injuries anymore. He’s been battered and bruised so much it’d be weird if he wasn’t at this point. But, no, I don’t think he’ll be more wreaked than Thriller Bark, but who knows. With Chopper in the crew (and Marco here) he’ll bounce back. I think this was mostly Oda’s way to allow Zoro to fight with Luffy against the Yonko but then be able to fight King.

Marco’s future role in the series will be interesting to see. He’s a powerful ally to have on Luffy’s Team. He may end up gathering up the remnants of WB’s crew to help Luffy in the final arc.

I suppose he could do that. I almost feel like he will, but I also like to think that the vendetta with Blackbeard will play a role in his return to that life. In all honesty; he might offer Luffy some advice for dealing with Blackbeard when the time comes after this battle is over.
And you are correct; Oda loves to give Zoro a handicap going into a fight. Fighting Kaido the way he did made for the ULTIMATE handicap. I wonder if King will reveal his race during that fight…….

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