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The Best Offense Is a Good Defense [My Hero Vigilantes 105]

A shield! Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? Brain, go to your room!

Koichi using Slide and Glide’s repulsion power to block Number 6’s bomb fist attacks makes perfect sense! Last time I talked about The Crawler and Number 6’s similarities and opposite attributes. Well, we got another one: Defense VS Offense. Koichi isn’t trying to beat No. 6, just keep him distracted long enough for help to arrive. It’s a good plan in the short-term but there’re some problems.

Fist bumping gone wrong

The biggest being when’s help coming? This chapter essentially removed All Might from the equation. As far as the public and he knows, the Naruhata blackout wasn’t caused by a villain and while there have been reports of disturbances, nothing on the level of mass hysteria and chaos has been reported (All part of No. 6’s plan.). Basically, the Naruhata blackout isn’t worth the Number One hero’s time according to the news. Which is fine because that’s where Knuckleduster will eventually come in.

Call me crazy, Koichi. But I think saving people and annoying villains makes you either a hero or school principal. I forget which.

The other problem with Koichi going on defense is No. 6 himself. The longer the fight goes, the longer the villain has to figure out a way to beat Koichi. And if he can’t, well, No. 6 is gonna get mad. Madder than he is now. And, I’m talking about both emotionally and growing mentally unstable.

Notice “O’Clock” acknowledging The Crawler being just as fast but having greater maneuverability and can fly? Crawler being the superior speedster means he’s O’Clock’s true successor. That’s gonna screw with No. 6’s head more and more the longer the fight goes. No. 6’s slow decent into madness is about to hit maximum velocity. When that happens there’s no telling what he’ll do next!

Just kidding! I got some ideas. Using trigger, for one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this series started with a focus on trigger and it’ll end with it. I’ve got no doubt the nefarious Number 6 will use the drug to try to out-speed Koichi and kill him. And when that doesn’t work, woo boy watch out! Mark my words, No. 6 will use trigger then go full suicide bomber when even his super trigger mode can’t take out The Crawler. I bet $1000 on it to…myself. I’m confident, but I ain’t stupid, Y’All.

The My Hero version of Great Lakes Avengers

This was good chapter! I’m loving how the fight’s going and can’t wait to see more. Let’s see… Bombify, Detonation, Regeneration, Overclock Electromagnetic Waves, and Cellular Manipulation. Six quirks for Number 6, ha! But…what if his real name’s Number 7? He’s got one more quirk! Look out, Koichi! AHHH!

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2 replies on “The Best Offense Is a Good Defense [My Hero Vigilantes 105]”

Koichi has been a user of “Ultra Instinct” this whole time? JK; Heroes having this “impulse” is nothing new to My Hero. However; it DID pop me when he said that because of Ultra Instinct.
And yeah; 6 more than likely has Trigger on him. He probably went looking for it SPECIFICALLY because of Koichi’s history with the drug. He probably could have gotten access to a better version of the drug, but…….chose it anyway.
All Might will come. But AFTER everything’s gone down. No 6’s defeat might cause the Anon’s to “wil’ out-” only for The Champ to come in and put em all down.
Something I noticed with Izuku’s fight with Lady Nagant in the main series: Handling multiple quirks at once requires a lot of mental activity- a lot of “processing.” Using Fa Jin, Black Whips, Float, Smokescreen, and base One For All caused Izuku to “stall.”
If THAT’S the case; did All For One steal Overclock to help him deal with handling multiple quirks? And does No 6 need Overclock to help HIM deal with all of HIS quirks? I think that he may have given him Overclock so when he transferred bodies- he wouldn’t have the “processing problem.”
Or……maybe not. Considering All For One’s quirk is the “quirk to possess multiple quirks;” his mind should be acclimated to handling multiple quirks at once? But that wouldn’t necessarily be the case with a brand new “vessel,” would it?

Very interesting thought about Deku and his quirks body overload! It plays well into what we know about AFO wanting Overclock!

Oh, yes, yes, yes. I totally agree with AFO wanting Overclock for its processing power. Sure, he has a quirk to use those powers but quirks are getting stronger every generation and AFO needs helps coping with it all.

But, once his body got wreaked that had to take a back seat for figuring out a way to heal himself.

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