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Civil War (Otaku Edition) [My Hero Academia 319]

Deku VS Class 1-A. Who wins? Who loses? Doesn’t matter as long as Mineta gets punched in the face.

Good on you, Class A for taking the initiative in finding Deku! I gotta admit I assumed it was just gonna be the Bakugo and Shoto Show with everyone else stuck at U.A. I had forgotten how cool Nezu is. Him allowing the entire class to look for Deku was a wise choice. Better for them to do it as a team and stay in contact than force them to sneak out and truly be on their own.

The chapter picks up immediately after Bakugo threw a container of orange juice against the wall.

Sucks the kids are still officially first-years but understandable. Kinda hard focusing on class with the entire country in shambles. As for the U.A. Barrier, who made it? Was it the same person who built Central Hospital’s advanced medical tech? You’re gonna explain who made all this at some point, right Horikoshi?

Everyone wants the new iPhone 46

Back to My Civil War Academia. How will it go down? Well, Deku isn’t at his best so that’s gonna factor into the battle or chase depending if Deku tries making a run for it. Neither option will work with Ida and Bakugo there. One thing for sure, Deku needs some sense knocked into him, physically and/or mentally. “Plus Ultra” is fine and dandy but teamwork has also been an increasingly larger theme throughout the series. Heroes teaming up. Villains teaming up. Heck, One For All exists solely because of multiple people cultivating and passing it down. Don’t underestimate the power of teamwork in My Hero Academia, Deku-chan.

So, yeah, Deku will give Class A some trouble (Remember: Class A doesn’t know about the other predecessor quirks like Smokescreen and Danger Sense), but in the end Team Dynamight will prevail.

Deku’s hated of crowded amusement parks reveals itself

This was a good chapter! I’m pleased Class-A wasn’t sitting on their butts and instead actively searched for Deku and are willing to kick his ass if that’s what it takes teaming up with him. A good thing too. If I was All For One, I’d personally grab Deku now that he’s weakened both mentally and physically. Maybe he’s already there watching Deku fight his friends! You just know the bastard’s gonna post it on TikTok with That’s What Friends Are For playing in the background. Have you no shame, you monster?

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4 replies on “Civil War (Otaku Edition) [My Hero Academia 319]”

It’s occurring to me just now that Deku’s current look- at least in terms of detail- kind of reminds me of the new series in Jump by one of Horikoshi’s assistants- “Hunters Guild: Red Hood.” It’s only 2 chapters in and already really good; you should give it a read if you haven’t already.
I kind of want to see Deku win- simply because that would show how powerful he is. And I get the feeling that seeing their resolve would bring him back to UA by the end of it. But yeah; he’s EXHAUSTED. Meanwhile; these guys got some good ol’ fashioned Sleep.
I hate Amusement Park crowds, too, Deku- you’re not alone!!
All For One probably expected them to come after him. Leading back to the idea of the Traitor kidnapping Inko. He’d do it now when they’re all kinds of distracted with each other- simply to be mean.
Escape might be a little more possible than you think……… at least I think it WOULD be, if the previous Holders would let him use their quirks in this fight. Yeah; I think they’re able to turn off their quirks at will- cutting him off from them until he comes to his senses. He’ll have base One For All, but “Float,” “Smokescreen,” “Blackwhips-” NOT A CHANCE.
I do think that All For One is watching, but he probably isn’t their himself. Probably sent someone to get Izuku once he was unconscious. Dabi? Spinner? There’s no telling who was sent to get this kid.
You know who ELSE is watching this all go down? STAIN. And with all the blood that Izuku’s left in his Heroic Wake; he’s got enough to keep Deku frozen long enough to listen to them and come to his senses. He might even jump in to tell him a thing or 2. His reunion with Ilda and Shoto will be rather interesting, wouldn’t it?

Inko could get captured but I think the traitor is Invisible Girl so if she’s there…. But, AFO could easily send someone else to get Inko.

Previous Users cutting off the use of their quirks. Interesting, if possible.

I hope Class A wins. Deku may be strong but so are they. But if they lose to not knowing about Smokescreen, etc. I’d understand.

Ah, yes, Dabi and Spinner. With AFO handing out extra quirks, I’m ready to see what he gave those two (no doubt an ice quirk for Dabi to prevent overheating).

Stain? Hmm… He could be keeping tabs on Deku but I hope he at least had a chance to talk with All Might.

I don’t see Stain revealing himself to Class A. He’d get taken down hard.

Well; they would TRY to take Stain down. Keep in mind how tough this guy is- between staying conscious after having his nose punched off his face to the end of his fight with the kids…….he won’t go down so easily. At least; not to them…….JUST YET.
Extra Quirks? DEFINITELY. Spinner’s extra quirk might help to compensate for his “Gecko” quirk in the same way the Ice would compensate for Dabi. I wonder what that would be…….?

Bakugo, Todoroki, Ida, AND Deku VS Stain? I don’t think Stain’s winning that. And that’s not even accounting for the rest of Class A like Kirishima who would be tough to cut.

Not sure what Spinner would get. Something to make him physically tougher but that can be just about anything.

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