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Deku’s Class Whoopin’ [My Hero Academia 320]

It’s all been building to this. Seriously, the entirety of Class A taking on the final baddies has been a done deal for a long time.

Teamwork. Horikoshi’s been building up that theme for a while now. Villain teams, heroes teaming up in response, focus on team-ups in U.A.’s lessons. Team Lurkers, the Wild Wild Pussycats, the Top 3 teaming up, it’s all been leading to a final arc with all of Class A fighting to save Japan along with the country’s truest heroes.

And not just teamwork, the USJ Incident, the Summer Camp Arc, and internships. Class A gained a ton of real hero experience over the series again leading to this final arc with them working together to take down the Team Baddies.

The closest thing to Spider-Verse you’re ever gonna get in MHA

Even Nezu and Endeavor are on board. Endeavor’s most likely the one who told the class about Smokescreen and Danger Sense. Yep, once Deku gets his head straight (and body washed) things are gonna go fairly quickly in this final arc.

Besides, if Deku doesn’t team up they won’t have enough people to get a group discount at Forever Hero 21

Hmm… Whose next on the Preach At Deku Train? We’ll probably see more Froppy and Shoto next time as well as Aoyama, Mineta, Mina, Kirishima, Hagakure (I got my eye on her traitorous butt), Ida, and Bakugo. Notice the characters closest relationship wise to Deku are showing up last to deliver the final emotional gut punch. It’s gonna be fun seeing how it all goes down.

I wonder if there’s significance in Bakugo not wearing a mask but Mr. Solo Deku does? Emotional symbolism? Maybe. Just putting it out there.

Did you see All Might’s car parked near the Class A rumble? Is Stain with him? I have a thought. What if Stain’s the one who’ll gives Deku & Friends a clue to All For One’s location? Going further, what if Stain brings Deku back to AFO as part of a plan to capture the Overlord of Evil and the League of Villains? It’s a good way to bring Stain into the story without him getting immediately stomped by Class A.

Looks more like a mind reprogramming machine to me. How many fingers am I holding up?

This was a great chapter! Deku needs to be shown Class A has leveled up and aren’t weaklings needing protecting. They work hard too. Exercise, eating right, meditate. Yeah, that’s why Bakugo’s so chill lately. Just spinach, yoga, and meditation. And CBD gummies, but you didn’t hear it from me!

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6 replies on “Deku’s Class Whoopin’ [My Hero Academia 320]”

You know; we haven’t seen the 2nd’s quirk yet. Izuku’s trying a bunch of running away, but……if he wants to escape; he’s going to have to fight. And now would be an ideal time to reveal #2’s quirk. Possibly something akin to Bakugo’s because they’re related? JUST SAYIN’!
When I envisioned the next “Deku vs Kacchan-” I did NOT see this coming. Then again; I also saw Izuku winning their next encounter, so…….what do I know?
I wonder what Uraraka is going to say? And will it be hers or Bakugo’s words that’ll put the nail in the proverbial coffin?

Not sure if Horikoshi will reveal the 2nd’s quirk in this “fight”. I hope not. Would rather he saved it when Deku is fighting a villain.

Bakugo or Uraraka? Hard to say. Both will probably have the biggest impact on Deku with Ida coming in a close 3rd.

You are right- it might have been a bit of a stretch to say he would reveal that quirk here. But I DO feel like we’re gonna get some kind of hint during the course of what we have left of this.

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