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Crawl Me Maybe [My Hero Vigilantes 106]

♫Hey, he just hates you, and he is crazy
But here’s Number 6, so crawl him maybe♫

The Crawler VS O’Clock II continues. I’m just gonna jump into it. Number 6 wants to know how Koichi’s reacting to his Overclock speed. Well, I got a theory.

Slide and Glide is a full body energy force.

Not just limbs, the energy Koichi generates embodies him from head to toe. That’s why he’s able to generate a force field on his back. It may also be the reason he’s able to keep up with Overclock. Perhaps Koichi’s energy field also heightens his senses. His eyes, ears, everything is turned up to eleven when in danger without the vigilante realizing it.

Kidnapping, assault, murder. And now, copyright infringement. Can anyone stop No. 6’s reign of terror?!
Here’s something: You’re talking to a figment of your imagination. Also, you left the stove on.

A quirk covering its user in their own energy field. Now where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah, Captain Celebrity! I wouldn’t put it past My Hero Vigilante’s mangaka to have known all along Slide and Glide would be the speed version of C.C.’s Flight quirk. Considering how the captain is basically America’s All Might and Koichi didn’t like him at first is deliciously ironic.

So, yeah, insert my classic No. 6 is growing more insane, No. 6 will use the trigger drug, and Knuckleduster is coming theories and that’s pretty much a wrap.

Back off, Number 6! You get it? Because Koichi generated a force field on his back. …Well, I thought it was funny.

This was a good chapter! The Crawler is proving once again he can easily win unless No. 6 takes desperate measures. Soga is following along on his motorcycle. What’s he gonna do? My guess is trash talk No. 6. I love Vigilantes but the series is lacking some serious Yo Mama joke action. Time to step up, Soga!

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3 replies on “Crawl Me Maybe [My Hero Vigilantes 106]”

Full Body Energy Field? Hm…….that can work. Maybe he can do a “Full Body Repel” that blasts everything around him away. Now I’m just imagining an explosive wave from the “Dragon ball” franchise.
No 6 is CERTAINLY about to lose it. Between Koichi showing that he’s KIND OF kick @$$ in battle and his plan having been so f*cked to h#ll and back- and Knuckle Duster about to pop in an ruin his plans(and possibly contacting All Might himself about the situation)…………I feel like we should get a Mob Psycho 100 style meter. Right now; he’s at “91% Rage.” 8% to go!

Explosive? Huh. You just gave me a thought. This could all be setting up how Koichi survives No. 6 blowing himself up (if my theory about it is right). Koich could do a Full Body Repel like you said.

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