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No Pants Allowed [One Piece 1019]

Robot VS Dinosaur. Cyborg VS Man-Beast. Bikini Briefs VS Kilt. This chapter has it all!

Franky VS Sasaki happened. It was a Franky fight, meaning it was completely over-the-top, and I loved every minute of it. A flying triceratops, Y’all. Oda gave Sasaki the ability to fly! Crazy, just crazy. I was entertained throughout the battle. Franky may not be my number one Straw Hat (*waves at Nico Robin*) but he’s pretty darn close, especially after this fight.

Wait a minute… Something’s…not right. Oh! I know what it is!

Much better! Anyway, I like what’s hinted at by Sanji going up against a rapid laser firing Queen. It’s only a matter of time before Franky gains the knowledge to do that too. And with the General Franky wreaked from the fight this chapter, I think it’s time for an upgrade. Both for the giant robot and its cyborg creator.

Yamato unleashes his mythical Renamon zoan.
Aww! What at nice pict—Wait! Why the f**k is Robin wearing high heels while surfing on a whale shark?!

Oda even threw in Franky’s overwhelming desire to help his friends when Sasaki attacked the Headliners. It was a cool nod to Franky’s anger after the Straw Hats beat up the Franky Family after they hurt Usopp back at Water 7. Look, this wasn’t the greatest fight ever, but it was fun. Just fun. And sometimes that’s all you really need.

Switching gears, we see Zoro and Luffy are slowing getting back into the game. Not exactly breaking news, but I should mention it.

Also, what’s Yamato’s zoan animal? Well, guess what, dear readers? After hours of painstaking research I’ve…no idea. The only thing I can assume is that it’s an ancient mythical zoan. Hmm…I wonder what Kaido was originally gonna do with the fruit? Who in the world would he give that fruit to? Or, maybe it isn’t a question of who but why? WHY did Kaido want that specific fruit? Does it have a certain ability he needs to accomplish something? Hmm, indeed.

Kids, this is the stuff mangaka come up with at 3am while on mushrooms

This was a great chapter. While not a fan of Sasaki, he came through this chapter against Franky. The fight was dumb, absurd, and made little sense. But that’s what was so great about it. Well…I guess Robin and Brook VS Black Maria is next. Gonna be hard topping this fight, but I think it’s possible. Put Brook in some sexy bikini briefs are we’re already halfway there.

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2 replies on “No Pants Allowed [One Piece 1019]”

I think Yamato’s fruit is a mythical. No clue what it could be- but I feel like Kaido did have some plan for it. Who he’d give it to?……..HIMESELF? He wants to die, and eating more than one Devil fruit makes you explode. But then there’s BLACKBEARD.
Maybe his line of thought was he’d eat this fruit himself. “If Blackbeard can do it- I can do it, too.” If it works; he’s a lot more powerful and has the power he needs to put his plans into action. It DOESN’T- he gets the death he so longed for. It would really be a Win-Win for him.
This fight was definitely fun. A bit random- but that made it all the more enjoyable. It felt like the most cartoon-y fight in a while. And with the stakes as high as they are- a little comedy goes a long way.
I definitely think that Robin and Brook’s fight is up next. But………I don’t know what the finishing move is going to be. I know Robin’s gonna be the one to finish it, but………How? Break her back? Break each of her limbs? Or simply stomp her out like you would a Spider?
And H#ll; what’s BROOK gonna do? Are we in for a Devil Fruit awakening? It can be from Robin, too!! Don’t know what their awakening’s would entail……..but going with the logic of Doflamingo and Katakuri’s paramecia awakenings- we can make a few guesses.

I don’t think Kaido would eat another devil fruit. He should know Blackbeard is a special case. If he really wanted to eat another fruit he could have by now (remember Doflamingo had Ace’s fruit). I’m sticking to an ability Yamato’s power can do for Kaido but won’t because he hates Kaido.

I don’t see Robin or Brook ever awakening their fruits. Maybe Brook, but that’s a HUGE maybe. And, it especially won’t happen before Luffy awakens his.

But, overall, I’m keeping my expectations for Robin’s fight low given Oda’s track record with her and Nami getting good fights.

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