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Why Are You Getting So Defensive? [My Hero Vigilantes 108]

It’s hard to avoid the obvious Goku Ultra Instinct jokes when he’s pretty much doing it.

This is a loooong fight. But, I get it. It’s the final battle. The last confrontation between our main protagonist and chief antagonist. It all ends with this battle, so I can see why it’s being milked for all it’s worth.

Plus, the audience has to understand why The Crawler is winning. Sure, I knew, but My Hero Vigilantes’ covered in subtlety. This is the creators’ way of making sure everyone’s on the same page. And what is that page? Quirk Evolution + Fighting Style.

Listen closely and you’ll hear The Crawler humming Poor Unfortunate Souls

We’ve seen quirk evolution in the main series several times. Aizawa getting the students past their quirk limits thought rigorous training as well as the League of Villains growing stronger from their constant battle against Gigantomachia early in My Villain Academia. The more you train your quirk, the stronger it becomes. That’s a given in this universe, and we know Koichi’s had years of illegal quirk usage, so, yeah, he’s at peak quirk performance.


Hero Talk No Jutsu [My Hero Academia 323]

At any given moment, public opinion is a chaos of superstition, misinformation and prejudice. —Gore Vidal

Great job, Uraraka! I’m glad you’re there, explaining the situation to the crowd, hopefully able to get them on your side. They don’t need to know everything, but the angry mob needs to know just how important Deku is to defeating All For One/Shigaraki and returning Japan from the grips of despair. Once again, I’m hoping Giant Fox Woman steps up and vouches for Deku. Kota too, and everyone else who was helped by our stinky hero with a lemon fresh scent heart.

We learn more about the U.A. Barrier. It’s pretty impressive. Took a couple read throughs and google searches (What the heck’s a maglev and bulwark?) to finally understand. At the very least, those ungrateful masses should be safe. But, it makes me wonder just who is Nezu?

The angry crowd activating Deku’s Danger Sense. See? This is why Japan needs to legalize marijuana.
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Justice Delivered In 15 Minutes Or It’s Free [One Piece 1022]

It’s started, Y’all! The epic fight between Team Sanji/Zoro VS Team King/Queen. I’m so excited to see it…in bits and pieces…while other fights are going on over the course of several months.

Yeah, I’m curbing my excitement here. There’s still a lot of freaking fights left and no way is the Royals VS Mosscook battle concluding before that. But I will say, seeing King and Queen working together is truly terrifying. Nice job on the art, Oda.

So, King’s a firebender. Interesting. And Zoro knows how to cut flames. Double interesting. Also, Queen once worked for Germa. Triple interesting. And Sanji owns a Germa built raid suit. Quintuple interesting. No, I meant quadruple. Lost track back there.

How many laws of physics did this panel break? None, silly. One Piece doesn’t have physics laws.

I really hope the Fire Cyborg/Sword Feet fight is a 2-on-2. I love it when Sanji and Zoro are forced to work together. The fight will also play on King and Queen’s strained relationship. While Diable McStab can indeed put their differences aside, can Heavy D. Goth do the same? We shall see.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Speed Demon [My Hero Vigilantes 107]

No turning back now. Number 6 put The Crawler at the top of his sh!t list. Careful, Koichi, or you’ll end up as his toilet paper.

Party’s over. The Crawler VS No. 6 is no longer some quick exercise to get rid of a pest. Now, it’s war! No more playing around. No. 6 went all out this chapter and still lost, forcing the artificial human to transform into his final(?) form. Let that sink in, No. 6 rushed Koichi using Overclock and lost. Wow!

This, kiddies, is the cumulation of years of training and on-the-job vigilante experience. The Crawler didn’t gain his subconscious reaction overnight. He forged it in battle throughout the years. Basically, his body became a warrior, even if Koichi’s general thinking is that of a peacekeeper. Koichi has mastered his quirk while at the same time gained a truly powerful survival instinct. But, despite knowing all that, No. 6 will not stop until Koichi’s dead.

Number 6 loves spicy nachos
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Robin Comin’ In Clutch [One Piece 1021]

Flower-Flower power in full effect. Nico Robin’s bloomin’ for a bruisin’ and Black Maria’s about to become fertilizer.

I don’t know if you realize this, but I love Nico Robin. She’s my favorite Straw Hat crew member. I love everything about her (Well, maybe not her design change, but that’s a whole other rant.), so this chapter is an instant classic for me.

Robin got a fight AND Brook didn’t steal her thunder! It’s mostly Robin VS Black Maria, which I wanted in the first place so good on you, Oda, for giving up the goods.

I guess the devil doesn’t wear Prada
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Sorry, Not Not Sorry [My Hero Academia 322]

It happened. It finally happened. Bakugo apologized! Now I can like him.

Or, more acutely, I don’t have to feel guilty about liking him anymore. And he did it in front of the entire class! Good on you, Bakugo. And good on you, Horikoshi, for slowly developing Capt. Kaboom and Endeavor into likeable characters. Your hard work has really paid off!

Aoyama and Hagakure didn’t have a “moment” with Deku in these last few chapters. Just thought I’d point that out. Also, Hagakure mentioned knowing the details on U.A.’s security system. Yep, it’s coming. There was a reason Horikoshi hasn’t revealed the U.A. Traitor. SHE still has a big part to play. I’m keeping an even closer eye on Hagakure from now on. Yes, yes, I know she’s invisible. You know what I mean!

Including drinking milk directly out of the carton and putting it back in the frig.
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Nico Robin’s Blog Party [One Piece 1020]

YEAH! This is Redgeek coming live from somewhere with a lot of free nachos and welcome to the Nico Robin Welcome Back Blog Party Extravaganza!

That’s right. I’ve invited every prominent anime/manga blogger from all over the internet to celebrate Robin’s semi-triumphant return to One Piece. …None showed up. But, hey, that’s okay. I’m sure their invitations just got lost in the mail. So, it’s just me and you. Would you like something to drink? I got sparkling water and dragon fruit juice. That’s it.

I say semi-triumphant because her fight hasn’t concluded. And, yes, I wish it could’ve been just Robin against Team Black Maria but the Straw Hat Archeologist works surprisingly well with Brook. We get to see what the duo have in common (a painful past) as well as how their fighting styles compliment each other. This is a true team up which could’ve easily been The Brook Show featuring Nico Robin. Safe to say, I love this fight!

You’re about 500 chapters too late for that mind game, Black Maria.

Also, Kunyun the Number. I’m…um…kinda crushing on her. I wonder if she’s single? NO! This is Robin’s special day! I’ll only talk about her!

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Get a Grip, Deku! [My Hero Academia 321]

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.
-Helen Keller

Show, don’t tell. A phrase uttered describing the best kind of storytelling. It’s also a good way of showing resolve. In this chapter, we got both.

Deku had to be shown Class A isn’t weak. That they can keep up with the power of One For All. It looks like they finally got through to him. Seriously, do you know how insane it is for Ida to grab Deku going at Faux 100% speed? That’s quite the feat! Props to Ida, Uraraka, Bakugo and the entire freaking class for pulling that off. Passing grades all around!

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