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Nico Robin’s Blog Party [One Piece 1020]

YEAH! This is Redgeek coming live from somewhere with a lot of free nachos and welcome to the Nico Robin Welcome Back Blog Party Extravaganza!

That’s right. I’ve invited every prominent anime/manga blogger from all over the internet to celebrate Robin’s semi-triumphant return to One Piece. …None showed up. But, hey, that’s okay. I’m sure their invitations just got lost in the mail. So, it’s just me and you. Would you like something to drink? I got sparkling water and dragon fruit juice. That’s it.

I say semi-triumphant because her fight hasn’t concluded. And, yes, I wish it could’ve been just Robin against Team Black Maria but the Straw Hat Archeologist works surprisingly well with Brook. We get to see what the duo have in common (a painful past) as well as how their fighting styles compliment each other. This is a true team up which could’ve easily been The Brook Show featuring Nico Robin. Safe to say, I love this fight!

You’re about 500 chapters too late for that mind game, Black Maria.

Also, Kunyun the Number. I’m…um…kinda crushing on her. I wonder if she’s single? NO! This is Robin’s special day! I’ll only talk about her!

Robin gonna slap that busted wig off her head.

And, Yamato. Because we learn he’s got the mythical type dog-dog fruit: model Okuchi-No-Mukami. It’s a guardian spirit of Wano. Hmm? I wonder who Kaido had in mind to have that? Anyway, Yamato has it and it makes me wonder if he’ll set sail with a crew of samurai after Kaido’s defeated. Straw Hat member or Straw Hat ally, one way or another Yamato is leaving Wano by the end of the arc.

Help yourself to the chips and dip. Got a fruit try too, if you want.

Guess I should talk about Luffy. He doesn’t have a den-den mushi so no grocery delivery or ride sharing apps for him. He’s gonna have to bum a ride off Momonosuke if he wants to get back to the currently flying Onigashima. Oh, look! Caribou’s back. Yay? I really don’t care, but at least he’s probably packing some food for Luffy to eat. Good job, Caribou, now leave the food and go away, forever.

Robin in high heels is almost as fast as Brook. Let that sink in.

This was a great chapter! Why? Nico Robin, of course! And, Brook. I can’t get over how much I love those two working together. What? You gotta go? Already? …Karandi invited you to her blog for a party. Oh… No, no, no. It’s fine. I’ll just finish all this room temperature sushi myself. Say, you think I can come too? …No? Okay, then…*sigh*

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