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Sorry, Not Not Sorry [My Hero Academia 322]

It happened. It finally happened. Bakugo apologized! Now I can like him.

Or, more acutely, I don’t have to feel guilty about liking him anymore. And he did it in front of the entire class! Good on you, Bakugo. And good on you, Horikoshi, for slowly developing Capt. Kaboom and Endeavor into likeable characters. Your hard work has really paid off!

Aoyama and Hagakure didn’t have a “moment” with Deku in these last few chapters. Just thought I’d point that out. Also, Hagakure mentioned knowing the details on U.A.’s security system. Yep, it’s coming. There was a reason Horikoshi hasn’t revealed the U.A. Traitor. SHE still has a big part to play. I’m keeping an even closer eye on Hagakure from now on. Yes, yes, I know she’s invisible. You know what I mean!

Including drinking milk directly out of the carton and putting it back in the frig.
Can I have your number? …Thirteen?! Sorry! I thought you were legal.

So, what are the other functions of U.A.’s Barrier? I’d say robots for one. If Tartarus used them, there’s no reason U.A. can’t either. We’ve seen big and small bots on campus throughout the series. The only question is how many does U.A. have? My guess? A freaking lot!

And then there’s the line saying U.A. can “combine” with Shiketsu. Interesting. First thing that comes to mind, one or both campuses can now move. Helicarrier campuses that combine, maybe? I wouldn’t put it past Horikoshi. Actually, it’s a pretty good idea for the two best hero schools in Japan to pool their resources to combat All For One and his cronies. Not to mention we’ll get to see Inasa and rest of Shiketsu’s students from the Provisional License Exam.

Why do get the feeling a Watchmen x My Hero Academia crossover is coming?

This was a great chapter! Bakugo apologized, Deku’s back at U.A., and future plot points are being seeded. I’m so excited about what’s to come! I can’t wait for Uravity to cuss those ignorant Deku haters out. But, I hope she’s not the only one. I wanna see the people Deku saved while traveling stick up for him too, including Giant Fox Woman. She can step on anyone who gets in Deku’s way. She can sure step me anytime. Whoops! Did I say that out loud? Time to go…

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