Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Speed Demon [My Hero Vigilantes 107]

No turning back now. Number 6 put The Crawler at the top of his sh!t list. Careful, Koichi, or you’ll end up as his toilet paper.

Party’s over. The Crawler VS No. 6 is no longer some quick exercise to get rid of a pest. Now, it’s war! No more playing around. No. 6 went all out this chapter and still lost, forcing the artificial human to transform into his final(?) form. Let that sink in, No. 6 rushed Koichi using Overclock and lost. Wow!

This, kiddies, is the cumulation of years of training and on-the-job vigilante experience. The Crawler didn’t gain his subconscious reaction overnight. He forged it in battle throughout the years. Basically, his body became a warrior, even if Koichi’s general thinking is that of a peacekeeper. Koichi has mastered his quirk while at the same time gained a truly powerful survival instinct. But, despite knowing all that, No. 6 will not stop until Koichi’s dead.

Number 6 loves spicy nachos
Lay off the gamma rays, Koichi

Why? Because it’s personal. It’s always been personal with No. 6. The Crawler is O’Clock’s true successor, after all. That alone is enough for the villain to hate Koichi’s guts. But then Koichi saved Pop Step, ruining his hero debut and is now keeping him from killing Pop at the hospital. Don’t underestimate it, Y’all. No. 6 really hates Koichi. And as I said time and time again, this will result in No. 6 screwing up big time, losing his life. It’s already happening. He’s reached the point of no return. All that’s left is seeing exactly how it goes down.

Operation Anonymous: Phase 6. How’s that gonna help No. 6 kill Koichi? I guess he’s faster and stronger, no longer limited to the confines of a human body. I assume No. 6’s transformation marks the beginning of the last phase of this battle. Come on, he turned into a giant monster. Watch/Read enough anime/manga and you know we’re nearing the end of the battle. This is where Soga will step in and give Koichi battle instructions. Soga has the mind, Koichi the body. The two together will take No. 6 down.

And what about Knuckleduster? Will he still show up? Of course! Start the countdown on that. …Oh… It just hit me. This is it. We’re probably at least halfway through the final arc. Next year, My Hero Vigilantes will most likely end…

Nothing gets between Number 6 and his karaoke

This was a good chapter! We’re hitting the final phase(s) of the main protagonist/final antagonist fight. It’s do or die time. I can’t wait for the next action-packed chapter. …Unless we instead finally get No. 6’s origin story. Now would be a good place to put it with the last stage set. I better bring some popcorn next time. You want some? Better RSVP now or its carrot sticks for you instead.

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