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Justice Delivered In 15 Minutes Or It’s Free [One Piece 1022]

It’s started, Y’all! The epic fight between Team Sanji/Zoro VS Team King/Queen. I’m so excited to see it…in bits and pieces…while other fights are going on over the course of several months.

Yeah, I’m curbing my excitement here. There’s still a lot of freaking fights left and no way is the Royals VS Mosscook battle concluding before that. But I will say, seeing King and Queen working together is truly terrifying. Nice job on the art, Oda.

So, King’s a firebender. Interesting. And Zoro knows how to cut flames. Double interesting. Also, Queen once worked for Germa. Triple interesting. And Sanji owns a Germa built raid suit. Quintuple interesting. No, I meant quadruple. Lost track back there.

How many laws of physics did this panel break? None, silly. One Piece doesn’t have physics laws.

I really hope the Fire Cyborg/Sword Feet fight is a 2-on-2. I love it when Sanji and Zoro are forced to work together. The fight will also play on King and Queen’s strained relationship. While Diable McStab can indeed put their differences aside, can Heavy D. Goth do the same? We shall see.

And that’s how Shonen Jump lost their sponsorship deal with Haribo

I love Marco. Just pointing that out for future historians.

Let’s talk about the other fights for a sec.

Raizo VS Fukurokuju: Don’t care, but what’s Orochi up to? Hmm…

Killer VS Hawkins: Definitely more interested in their fight now. I wonder how Killer will handle the Kid voodoo doll situation? With a name like “Killer”, I don’t think he’s down for negotiation.

Law & Kid VS Big Mom: I’m all in on this fight! If Law and Kid are to remain Luffy’s rivals, then they should be able to take down Big Mom just as Luffy should be able to defeat Kaido. Don’t mess this up, Oda-sweetie.

Cat Viper VS Perospero: I like Cat Viper so I’m down. Not to mention, Perospero needs a feline foot up his flat glucose butt. He’s annoying. Go get ’em Cat Viper!

X Drake VS Scratchmen Apoo: Where the frick are they?!

Oh, so now you’re laughing, Killer? The only time for this entire chapter. Guess Oda-daddy forgot.

This was a good chapter! The Tobi Roppo fights are over. Now we’re in the endgame, kinda. Hmm… I wonder what the rest of the Straw Hats will do? Will Franky help X Drake? Robin and Brook give Killer a hand? Jinbei body slam Jack. Jack? Dogstorm VS Jack! I forgot one. Yeah, let’s just have Jinbei takeover for Dogstorm and call it a day. Either that or give me a chapter of the Straw Hats who already had their fight chatting together while playing poker. I’m fine with either Oda-darling.

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