Hero Talk No Jutsu [My Hero Academia 323]

At any given moment, public opinion is a chaos of superstition, misinformation and prejudice. —Gore Vidal

Great job, Uraraka! I’m glad you’re there, explaining the situation to the crowd, hopefully able to get them on your side. They don’t need to know everything, but the angry mob needs to know just how important Deku is to defeating All For One/Shigaraki and returning Japan from the grips of despair. Once again, I’m hoping Giant Fox Woman steps up and vouches for Deku. Kota too, and everyone else who was helped by our stinky hero with a lemon fresh scent heart.

We learn more about the U.A. Barrier. It’s pretty impressive. Took a couple read throughs and google searches (What the heck’s a maglev and bulwark?) to finally understand. At the very least, those ungrateful masses should be safe. But, it makes me wonder just who is Nezu?

The angry crowd activating Deku’s Danger Sense. See? This is why Japan needs to legalize marijuana.
Monoma watching Eri. I feel sorry for the kid who tries dating her in about 10 years. She’s got like a dozen older bro types ready to pounce on him.

How in the world did the U.A. principal get enough money to build all that? I really want to know more about Nezu’s backstory. His desire to raise humanity’s morality makes sense given he was treated badly by humans in the past. He’s encountered evil and ignorance, so why not promote quirk morality education as a way to build tolerance and understanding to those different from you? Even Nezu being a school principal could be taken as wanting to guide humanity down a more empathic path. Oh, Nezu, you’re wonderful! And so very, very rich! Can I get a loan?

Where’s Eraser Head? If he was currently at U.A. he’d be outside with Class A or watching Eri. I don’t think he’s on campus right now, Y’all. So…where is he and what’s he doing? Looking for Koichi Haimawari perhaps? Kidding! But what if it happens…

Endeavor, Shoto, and Hawks. They’re part of the back-up plan. But, what is it? Does it have something to do with Stain and All Might? We’ll just have to wait and see, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

It took me 3 hours of googling and one engineering Masterclass to understand just 40% of that.

This was a good chapter! I was worried Best Jeanist would steal her thunder, but Uraraka stepping up was great to see. She’s gonna start a chain reaction and get others to chime in and support our Deku. Either that or slap them into the sun. Hey, those jerks made Inko cry! Throwing them into the sun is totally justified.


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