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Sanji Going Through Germa Puberty [One Piece 1023]

Just because a lot happened doesn’t mean it’s all important. Let’s trim the fat on this full course chapter meal and talk about what really matters: Sanji’s body changing.

Yes, fellow manga pirates fans, Sanji is becoming a real boy…or is it the opposite? Maybe Judge figured out how to unlock Sanji’s full genetic potential by nullifying whatever Sora Vinsmoke did to him through the raid suit? In any case, I smell a power up!

King and Queen kindly letting Zoro and Sanji pose before their counterattack
He also had bad acne but we don’t talk about that

Is Zoro a descendant of Ryuma, God of the Blade? Maybe. Probably. Yeah, let’s go with it. The Monkeys, the Vinsmokes, why not give our top Straw Hat swordsman a famous family too? Sure, it would be nice if Zoro achieved his success by being his own person, but I guess it really is in the genes after all. Shonen manga loves doing this crap, and honestly, I’m over it.

King is a Lunarian, a people referred to as gods who originally lived atop the red wall, now the home of the World Nobles. Coincidence? I think not. Lunarian. Moon? First, the Sun God Nika and now moon gods? Hmm… And didn’t the people of Skypiea wear cosmetic wings and King has real wings? Hmm again…. Oda is seriously building lore for a possible Void Century flashback arc.

Momonosuke is 28 years old and apparently looks like Od*n. Ugh! Whatever. Just keep riding your daddy’s over-hyped coat tails, Momo. At the end of the day, you’re just Luffy’s Uber ride.

I’m sure Oda will address the huge mental and physical ramifications of a young child growing 20 years older in a manner of seconds. Yep, just after he explains how bandages heal everything.

This was a good chapter! A bit too busy but we know who’s getting most of the focus for the rest of the Onigashima fights. I just hope each chapter focuses on one or two sub-plots and not touch on most of them. Also, Zoro better sit out the next arc because of the effects of his medication. Oh, who am I kidding? Chopper and Marco are there. He’ll sleep it off for three days nuzzled between a cuddling Hiyori and a barrel of booze. The lucky Ushimaru bastard!

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Agreed. I let my desire for internet points consume my soul. I am currently seeking professional help for my internet points addiction and fully recognize the hurt I caused to all parties involved.

As penance, I will not only return those internet points, but give an additional 100 points to charity. Again, I’m sorry for the pain I caused you, the One Piece community, and the internet as a whole.

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