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United We Stand, Divided We Fall, That Giant Fox Woman Is Really Darn Tall [My Hero Academia 325]

We’re all in this together. Well, not me. The second Gigantomachia attacked, I fled to New Zealand. But, I’m here in spirit.

Kota and Giant Fox Woman stepped up, leading to a wave of Deku support. No surprise there, but the emotions still got to me. What a lovely couple of chapters! And someone finally said it: The citizens need to get off their butts and do something! Support each other, support heroes. Don’t just turn your head if something bad is going down and hope a hero comes by. Don’t kick the remaining heroes while they’re down and still fighting for you. Step the hell up! Even if it’s just that crowd of people, it’s a start.

Oh, and a big F.U. to the shelters turning down Giant Fox Woman. Heteromorph discrimination still exists in case you forgot. Horikoshi is leading us somewhere with this. Don’t forget, Spinner’s full backstory hasn’t been revealed yet.

Except Texas toast. The world’s better off without it.

That reminds me, how come NO HERO has ever addressed discrimination in the series yet? Even Deku, back when he first saved Giant Fox Woman, didn’t chastise those jerks for trying to KILL GFW (Giant Fox Woman) based on her looks. What the ever loving fish, Deku? Yeah, I’m still pissed at that.

Whoa! Look how big that is! I can’t stop staring at it. …No, I meant the star on that guy’s shirt. By the way, he was in chapter one. Neat, huh?

And now, GFW mentions being discriminated against and we get no reaction shot from anyone? When are you gonna have the heroes address this bullsh*t, Papa Horikoshi?

We got confirmation Kurogiri was sent to Central Hospital in secret before the Tartarus breakout. Central Hospital, again. It’s a recurring theme. I can’t wait to meet the Vegapunk of My Hero Academia. That’s what you’re setting up? Right, Papi Horkoshi?

And not just Kurogiri. What if the restorative research is used to help the traitor? If Hagakure is indeed an artificial human programmed to follow AFO’s orders, maybe that’s the way to break her free of his control. Just throwin’ it out there, Y’all.

Hi, Aizawa! So you lost an eye. Bummer. And your leg. Big Bummer. But, at least you got to see your class acting like genuine heroes through your tablet. Thank you, Nezu for filming it. And, thank YOU, Central Hospital for having good Wi-Fi.

Shoto and Enji are giving Dabi a haircut whether he’s likes it or not

This was a great chapter! I’m down with My Drama Academia any day of the week, Abbu Horikoshi. No, I didn’t forget about Toshinori. Most likely, Stain gave him some inside info on AFO’s plans. Or, maybe he invited Toshinori to his welcome home party. I don’t know why Toshinori’s so upset about it. Stain makes a mean pot roast. Well, he licks the knife a lot when carving food, but he wipes it. See ya there at six, Toshy.

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