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Double Dragon [One Piece 1025]

What’s better than one enormous dragon? Two enormous dragons, a dedicated cosplayer, and a rubber pirate all duking it out.

Okay. This was a fun chapter, but not a lot happened. We got a little more of Yamato’s childhood. Yes, yes, all his friends died, and that’s gonna be juxtaposed with him having friends now. Get it? Got it? Good.

Next, we have confirmation both Kaido and Yamato are ogres. Where is Oda going with this? I’m not sure. Is there an ogre island out there on the Grandline? Guess we’ll have to find out because I doubt this arc will be the last we see an ogre, even if it’s in the flashback of an upcoming arc.

That’s the last time Kaido insults BTS in front of Luffy and Yamato
And to think, this whole family feud started with Kaido leaving the last carton of milk on the cabinet

Oh! We’re here, Y’all. It’s the final confrontation between Luffy and the Arc’s Big Bad. One Piece is decades old. We know its general plot structure. The classic approach being Luffy VS Arc Villain at the climax but not before seeing our main protagonist lose a round or two. Well, Luffy’s lost some rounds, Onigashima is minutes away from crashing onto the Flower Capital, and only Zoro and Sanji have big fights to finish other than Luffy, given us plenty of time seeing Yamato and Momonosuke get KO’d before it’s down to Yonko VS Future Pirate King. I can’t wait!

Seriously, I can’t. I’m been loving these last chapters but Wano overall is annoying me. I’m ready to move on. Yeah, I’m grumpy. So what?

Luffy and Momonosuke, the Kenan & Kel of One Piece

This was a good chapter! I love Luffy and Momonosuke’s banter and reintroduction into the fight and I care just sightly more about Yamato. Poor Kaido. He thought he was the only dragon in town. But then a younger, cuter dragon appears. Captain Kaido already made an appointment with his plastic surgeon. After they’re done, he’ll look at least ten years younger with fresh hair extensions. Va-va-voom, baby!

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