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Stain, The Rain, and All Might’s Pain [My Hero Academia 326]

A chapter featuring Toshinori and his biggest fan. No, the other one.

Stain and Toshinori finally meet! Who knew the Hero Killer would give the former number one hero the pep talk needed to keep fighting. Crazy as Stain is, Toshinori’s positive influence on Japan is still indeed alive. Hope, like crunk, ain’t dead. Right Lil’ John?

We only got a couple panels of young Toshinori, but did you notice the panel of him running similar to Deku saving Bakugo in the first chapter? A Toshinori: Origin/All Might: Origin may be on the horizon. It’s about time we learned the full story on how Toshinori meet Nana and why he was chosen to receive One For All. Wouldn’t mind seeing All Might and All For One’s first battle too. Will we ever see it? I’m not sure, but chances are O’Clock from My Hero Vigilantes discovered AFO’s location for All Might meaning the high-speed hero could make a future cameo at some point!

Who? Ed Sheeran? He’s okay, I guess.
The first was her grandmother. Coincidence? I think not!

Stain’s hero kill count is now at 40. Yikes! No doubt he’s been going after former heroes who quit after the Paranormal Liberation War. Death Arms? Yoroi Musha? I wonder if they’re still alive?

So…what will the future hold for Stain and Toshinori? Both characters I don’t see surviving until the end of the series, by the way. Stain? He’s killed way too many people. He’s not getting a happy ending. Will he force Deku to team up with him (He’s gotta know Deku is All Might’s disciple by now.)? Will he die fighting AFO? All I know is this isn’t Stain’s last appearance by any means.

Toshinori? Will he still die? I’m not so sure anymore. But, if I had to guess: Yes. He’s still on the chopping block. The only question is how and when? Well, its gotta be AFO or Shigaraki who kills him, but other than that, Toshinori will continue to give everything he’s got into raising Deku. Including his life, if that’s what it takes…just like Nana Shimura.

Murdered in rap battles, actually

This was a good chapter! I loved Toshinori and Stain’s conversation. The last person All Might saved appearing was icing on the cake. Another great minor character callback, Horikoshi. I wonder what information Stain gave Toshinori? Secret info on the PLF? AFO’s actual location? Nah! After so many years, Stain can finally give All Might his poems. He worked hard on them. The one titled Bloody Soul Love is his favorite. What a sensitive guy you are, Mr. Stainy.

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