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Boomer VS Millennial [My Hero Vigilantes 111]

Experiment Number 6. We finally know your backstory.

First things first, No. 6 was born human! That blob was the audience seeing him through his perspective as someone with agnosia. So much for No. 6 being an artificial human in the literal sense, but, as someone on a forum I visit reminded me, the nameless 6 was probably picked up from one of Ujiko’s orphanages. That would explain why the mad doctor doesn’t know the cause of No. 6’s agnosia.

Born human, huh? We don’t know if No. 6 originally had a quirk, but he’s got several now. Was his body modified to help contain multiple quirks? Was he given a copy of the All For One quirk? Or is it both? For now, I’ll go with both, seeing as No. 6’s invisible mentor (AFO) seems capable of independent thought.

Welcome to Chicago!

After everything No. 6 has done. All the death and destruction, I feel a bit bad for the creep. I think he truly meant what he said about only wanting to become like O’Clock. The problem with that being AFO twisting his desire into one built on suffering. AFO taught No. 6 cruelty of the highest caliber then let him loose on Naruhata. You bald bastard!

Justin Bieber is Number 6?!

Pupil. Twisted entity. AFO mentioned those as if they can be separate or one being. AFO raising kids as his loyal subjects is something he’s capable of (and has with No. 6 and Shigaraki). Makes me wonder if Gigantomachia was originally an orphan too. Also, could other Numbers be hiding somewhere? I’ve said it many times the U.A. traitor is most likely a Number, but what happened to the others? Are they lying in wait too? Well, with My Hero Academia in its final arc(s), we’ll find out, eventually.

Boy, was I wrong about Rappa being disguised as Knuckleduster! Totally over thought KD’s plan. He simply wanted to catch No. 6 off-guard and blow him up, even if it meant he dies in the explosion too. Hardcore! And, seeing how wreaked KD’s body is (busted knee, lost an eye, more scars on his face), I can see why he felt it had to be an all-or-nothing play. Knuckleduster had once chance and had to make it count!

Aren’t those the same toy blocks AFO used in Chapter 92? That thief!

So, what happens next? Hmm… The explosion can still happen, given there’re no civilians around that part of town. No. 6 fighting The Crawler again seems pointless after learning Koichi’s quirk is the perfect counter against the nameless nut bag. And, Koichi has yet to have a final conversation with his long absent master. Geez! It can go several ways! Alright, let me do it this way…

Will Number 6 die? YES. Either from the explosion and/or AFO deeming him a failure and eliminating the wannabe hero himself.

With Knuckleduster die? I…I…don’t know. I don’t want him to die. I want The Crawler, the guy who protects others selflessly, to save his mentor. I’m hoping the gunshot will give Koichi ample time to race in for the save. But…the abandoned area is the perfect setting for a massive explosion. And something like that happening would help this disaster go down as something to be remembered by the people of Naruhata, like we were told by the narrative. Ugh! …Can Koichi save Knuckleduster before he’s killed in the explosion? If the answer to that is yes, then I think that will happen.

If you think that’s scary, wait until you see what comes out the hole in his butt

This was a great chapter! Why? No. 6’s freaking backstory and the final fight between No. 6 and Knuckleduster, of course. This is it, Y’all. No. 6 is going down very soon. My Hero Vigilantes could have 10 or fewer chapters to go! Hey! Maybe that’s why Kohei Horikoshi sped up My Hero Academia’s endgame. Maybe he, Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court made a bet on who could end their series first? The loser(s) having to make the winner(s) dinner. Well, I hope it was worth it, Horikoshi. You’re gonna lose and spend the next few weeks learning how to make authentic New York deep-dish pizza from scratch. And don’t forget the anchovies!

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3 replies on “Boomer VS Millennial [My Hero Vigilantes 111]”

DUDE I did NOT see that coming!!! I still haven’t caught up with Vigilantes yet since coming back, but it sounds like this series went up another level. I agree: 10 or less chapters, and it’ll all be over.
I still think that Koichi is gonna show up in the main series. And if we’re really going “Full Throttle” towards the endgame, then he’s got very limited time to set it up, and maybe less to pay it off(though I think he might do a sequel series or simply a time skip to after High School). All this assuming Koichi survives.
I really like the idea of No 6 being an artificial being, but……this works to. I don’t expect 6 to live, but…….I also don’t expect them to just get rid of him completely. Perhaps he’d serve them better as a Nomu…..

A sequel series would be nice, but it’s hard for me to think who will be the big bad. AFO and Shigaraki will be hard to top. Not impossible, but hard.

As for No. 6 ending up a Nomu. I hope not. His personality and cunning is what I like about him. Without that, he may as well be dead.

Fair point; No 6 might just be “disposed of.” And as for All For One and Tomura- I think that they would also been the Big Bad’s going forward, too. It could be a case where they have to go underground for some reason, leaving the Heroes time to prepare for their next move. Basically; something akin to why Naruto’s time skip happened.

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