Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Up, Up, and Away! [My Hero Vigilantes 112]

Koichi Haimawari and Soga Kugizaki to the rescue!

I love love LOVE both Soga and Koichi saving Knuckleduster. His two pupils coming through, preventing their mentor from sacrificing himself was something I really wanted to see. KD is smart and all, but he’s been on a path to self-destruction since losing his quirk. He’s more than willing to die as long as he takes the Villain Factory with him. Thankfully, his students had other plans.

Little does Koichi know that No. 6 has a parachute quirk
Say no to crack, kids

It’s a good plan from Koichi and Soga. The only thing No. 6 could do so high in the air is blow himself up. The already injured villain will be hurting badly from that desperate attack. Well, not desperate, per se. Blowing up Koichi in the air at point blank range is also a good plan. Any other person would be super dead. But this is The Crawler. The High-Flying Defense Dynamo. Our Friendly Neighborhood Force Field Man will survive.

But will The Crawler become injured too? Possibly, I guess. But no worries, Y’all. That’s where the heroes come in. Best Jeanist, Eraser Head, Ingenium, and Edgeshot? Remember them? Koichi rocketing No. 6 up to the sky and No. 6’s subsequent explosion should be more than enough to draw the heroes’ attention. The beaten No. 6 AKA O’Clock II is almost out of time.

So, will Knuckleduster die? No. Well, I hope not. He could still succumb to his injuries, but I’m staying positive he’ll make it. Or, at least, survive long enough for him and Koichi to have one final conversation.

How rude! Knuckleduster still had another page worth of smack talk lined up.

This was a great chapter! O’Clock’s successor, Koichi, and Knuckleduster’s apprentice, Soga, working together to save their mentor was fantastic. I truly hope Knuckleduster survives. Can’t say the same for No. 6. All For One is not gonna be happy with his complete failure. Better start looking for a new job, No. 6. I hear Dr. Doom’s hiring.

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2 replies on “Up, Up, and Away! [My Hero Vigilantes 112]”

I still a little behind on this series, but it sounds like things are ramping up even HIRE than when I had to stop.
Sounds like No 6 has COMPLETELY lost it with Koichi by now. And if he’s losing THIS bad, then I’m certain All For One and Ujiko are ALSO thoroughly fed up with him. Wonder where the self destruct device would be located?
Knuckleduster……..this may be it for him. But yeah; 1 last conversation with the 2 of them before the end. And maybe a final talk to No 6 about identity.

Plot wise, there’s not much else for No. 6 to do. He fought the police, Koichi and KD, plus he’s injured. Maybe he could try returning to the hsopital but he too injured to fight off Koichi and the police.

It’s over. Especially sense No. 6 should be too injured to control the anons. But, who knows? Maybe there’s something I’m forgetting.

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