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Killer Instinct [One Piece 1029]

It’s difficult to outshine a Straw Hat, but Killer did it.

I’m interested in Killer. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. I actually care about the character. Not only him but Kid more because of the two pirates’ friendship. This chapter and Kid trying to protect Killer when both were captured prove they truly are the best of friends. I wanna know more. When did they meet? Did they know each other before becoming pirates? Did they become outlaws before or after their punk band broke up? So many questions I need answered.

On the other hand, I care less about Hawkins. Wasn’t he supposed to be a big player? The guy has a cool devil fruit and gimmick with tarot cards, but that’s about it. Maybe Oda will do something with him later on. I wouldn’t mind seeing him joining the Kid Pirates after Kaido’s defeat. Hey! Weirder things have happened.

Hawkins’ dismemberment is brought to you today by Ace Marks dress shoes
That’s right. Put on the suit, Tony—erm—Sanji!

Sanji. His Germa genes are in full effect! That’s…about it. The only question is what triggered it after so many years? Probably the raid suit. Well, that was easy. I wonder if Sanji will wear it against Queen. Hmm…yes. With Queen’s connection to Judge and intense desire having Sanji wear the battle suit, it seems fitting for the fight to go that route near its end.

With Killer’s fight wrapped up, that leaves the Monster Trio fights and Kid/Law VS Big Mom. Hmm…I wonder, could Oda have Yamato join Kid and Law against Big Mom? They need all the help they can get, but I don’t see a Straw Hat assisting. It’s all about Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji now. But, Yamato would be a great addition to the fight. Guess we’ll see.

X Drake VS Scratchmen Apoo? Is that still a thing? Where the hell are they? Maybe they’re chilling in Kaido’s private theater watching romantic comedy movies? It’s what I’d do during a pirate war, but that’s just me.

I thought a Mama Raid was when your mother barges into your room without knocking?

This was a surprisingly fun chapter! Killer really exceeded my expectations as a character. I want to see more of him and the Kid Pirates crew. Especially Vic. You know Vic, right? The Kid Pirate with the nail clipper weapon? Geez! And you call yourself a One Piece fan.

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4 replies on “Killer Instinct [One Piece 1029]”

I believe Oda said in an SBS or something that he and Kid were childhood friends from the same village. And Killer decided to follow Kid when their pirate adventure started.
Don’t know what Hawkins is gonna be doing the rest of the story(we know he certainly isn’t DEAD).
I don’t know how the Raid suit awakened his Vinsmoke genes- I just know for certain that it did. Did Judge at least know that something like this would happen? And if so, then why didn’t he just give Sanji the Raid suit to make him like the others? Something isn’t right………
Yamato has to go defuse all the bombs and do something about the Gun powder, so they’ll be kind of busy.
I really liked the chapter, and I’m…….”eager” to see what happens next(I….heard about certain spoilers. 1 part is gonna kick @$$- the other……..)!!

Ah, yes, the SBS. I need to catch up on them one day. As for Judge, maybe he knew he couldn’t fix Sanji’s personality and didn’t bother back them.

Sure, Yamato has to disable the bombs but it’d be nice if she helped out as I don’t see how Kid and Law can beat Big Mom on their own.

No spoilers here, my friend. Don’t even want vague talk. 99% of the time I read the official realease with zero info. It’s more fun that way for me.

I don’t know about being right about Yamato. We haven’t seen X Drake in awhile. I guess it comes down to me not seeing Law and Kid win on their own without something unexpected happening.

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