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May The Air Force Be With You [My Hero Academia 331]

Star And Stripe ain’t done, yet!

We learn a bit more about New Order but nothing that matters, at least for now. It’s an overpowered quirk with restrictions. That’s all we need to (and already) know.

So, Shigaraki. What’s gonna become of him? At this point, I’m thinking this merged Shiggy/All For One version IS the new mind. The only question is whether the AFO vestige or Tomura will emerge as the bigger influence. Of course, Shigaraki will come out on top at some point, meaning he’ll be a more cunning version of himself thanks to the AFO merger. Yep. Think Shigaraki, but with AFO’s experience. Scared yet?

In America, you don’t break wind. Wind breaks you.
As long as it’s not a trap, Commander Agpar’s down for anything.

Star And Stripe. I like her. Once again I question Horikoshi’s decision of introducing her in the final arc(s), but I love what we got so far. Sure, I highly doubt Star’s losing her license as long as Shigaraki’s a threat, but afterward? If she still has her quirk? Maybe that’s when Captain Celebrity takes over as America’s top hero. Heck, Celebrity becoming the new U.S. number one can still happen if Star loses her quirk!

Shiggy For One wearing Nike Air Force 1

This was a good action-packed chapter! With the arrival of several Tiamat cruise missiles, things are looking good for Star. But that just means it’s more likely she’ll lose, big time. That’s shonen for you. Well, maybe you can get a gig doing British panel shows after losing your quirk, Cassie? How does joining Mock Of The Week sound?

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2 replies on “May The Air Force Be With You [My Hero Academia 331]”

I’m thinking that “Tomura” is going to combine “Decay” and “Air Force” to deal with the missiles. And you already know my thoughts on hiw his quirk stealing would work(Right? He steals your quirk and then you decay away?) .
Did you catch Agbar’s speech bubbles? Apparently; the first letter in each bubble can be taken out and spell out “It’s A Trap.” At least; in the english version of the chapter- don’t know about the japanese version.
If it’s not, then this is just a neat reference they managed to work in. If it IS; is this indicating something up with Agbar? Or with the missiles? Or is it just HORIKOSHI making a neat reference?

Oh yeah. I forgot about decay. Poor Star is a goner if Shiggy does indeed steal her quirk.

I don’t know if “it’s a Trap” was in the Japanese version but Caleb Cook (MHA’s English Translator) would do something like think if he could. Good on him!

And, yeah, I think it’s just a reference to Star Wars with Agpar being a homage to Ackbar. Man, I miss Caleb’s weekly chapter tweets…

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