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Global Conference on Health and Kaido Change [One Piece 1030]

X Drake and Scratchmen Apoo are back!

And having a civil conversation, no less. I don’t see the two duking it out anymore after learning Apoo was playing the long game against Kaido. He won’t win, naturally, thanks to the Navy having the same “Take Out The Weakened Winner” plan. But, it’s cute that you tried Apoo. Here, have a cookie!

Onigashima’s blowing up. First, we learned about the huge armory. Now, we have Kazenbo taking a midnight stroll down to the basement intending to blow it all sky hiiiiigh. The question is: Who’s gonna get caught in the explosion? Kaido? Big Mom? Both? And will that mean the Navy will arrive and capture them both? TWO Emperors locked up?! Wow! It’s possible, but perhaps Big Mom’s crew will save her in time.

Um, guys? You realize the castle’s on fire, right?
At her age, Big Mom needs more iron in her diet

Speaking of Kazenbo, Kanjuro’s still alive. So are Kin’emon and Kiku. Are all of Od*n’s vessels alive? Maybe. This is One Piece after all. It’s hard to tell who’s dead unless said outright. Good thing Marco and Chopper are around.

So Law and Kid have awakened their devil fruits. Interesting. It’s the one advantage they have over Luffy right now. Once they master that, they’ll be on par with the most powerful pirates alive. This could also be a hint Luffy will awaken his devil fruit in this arc. Maybe. Yeah, probably. Even if it’s just a teeny tiny bit.

Who ya gonna call?

This was a good chapter! Great to see what X Drake and Apoo are up to and the now evitable destruction of Onigashima. I’m still curious if Yamato helps take down Big Mom as I don’t see exactly how the gluttonous Emperor being magnetized will KO her. Maybe all the metal will keep her pinned down? Or perhaps Magneto will show up looking for a date? I’m sure he finds her very attractive in her current state. Huhuhu! …Okay I’ll leave.

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2 replies on “Global Conference on Health and Kaido Change [One Piece 1030]”

Where’s Pac Man when you need him?! But seriously, though; I like the Kazenbo itself- but I’m not really liking Kanjuro;s survival. I definitely think that this will be the thing that ends their stories- on the whole “Revenge and Anger has consumed them” gimmick.
I mean………I like that they are wakened, but not how it was just “dumped” on us like this. Like; I don’t know if I was expecting a more “Oh sh!t” moment from their Awakening reveals. But I feel like Oda shouldn’t have so abruptly told us they were.
I hear a lot of Luffy’s Devil fruit awakening this arc- especially since this chapter. And you know what? POSSIBLY. I mean; he’s gotten Ryuo; he’s learning how to apply his conqueror’s to his attacks; he’s TOTALLY gotten better with his future sight observation; an Awakening is the last power up he needs going to the final portion of the story.

Yeah, the awakening thing was out of nowhere but since they haven’t mastered it, I’m not bothered by it. Plus, I doubt their attack is enough to KO Big Mom but they’re on the path to pulling off a win, especially if someone(s) joins the fight.

Yeah, it’s less about IF but WHEN Luffy awakens his fruit. That’s why I can see it being hinted at this arc but not playing a vital role until his next big fight.

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