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Not Today U.S.A. [My Hero Academia 332]

Star And Stripe lost to save her friend. Now, they can die together. Yay?

Sure. Star losing was the most likely outcome by a long shot, but it still sucks. I’ll say it again. It was a mistake for Horikoshi to introduce Star in the same arc she (allegedly) lost her quirk. Such wasted potential. NOW maybe I’m wrong. Maybe, juuuust maybe Horikoshi will subvert our expectations, having Endeavor come in and save her, but even I’ll acknowledge that’s wishful thinking. The more likely scenario is Star losing New Order. Oh well. It was a fun battle, at least.

That is not how you ask a girl to go to prom with you
Boobs, bombs, and gas-guzzling vehicles. The American way.

So, what does an already overpowered villain like Shiggy For One need with New Order? As I said in a previous review, I think he’ll use it to fix the OG All For One and then grant him a strength upgrade similar to what Star did to herself. Basically, it’ll be TWO All For Ones against the world! Well, at least until Shigaraki’s personality takes control of his body and kills OG AFO. I think this entire battle is setting up Shigaraki VS All For One and the eventual death of ole Mr. Evil Overlord. Shigaraki has to be the final villain of the series and for that to happen All For One must die.

Wear sunscreen kids

This was a good chapter! Not much to say about it. It was a fighty-fight chapter, but I enjoyed it despite knowing Star would lose. Good try though, Star. Wait, she’s doing something. Oh, my! Star And Stripe’s pointing at Captain Celebrity and saying something: “Next, it’s your turn!”. Wow! How inspirational! Oh? I believe we have a direct quote from Mr. Skyline in response: “Aw, shit.” Well, I hope you have life insurance, Captain. Your surviving family members will definitely need it.

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2 replies on “Not Today U.S.A. [My Hero Academia 332]”

You know; I expected this outcome- but I kind of wish it DIDN’T now. ‘Cause I kind of wanted to see her live. Even if my thing about “All For One” and “Decay” merging is incorrect- now WAY is a God Of Destruction like Tomura gonna let her continue to live! And I kind of wanted to see her interactions with All Might and Izuku.
Dude…….HOW DO YOU BEAT THIS THING? He took like 10 missiles to the face(PAUSE) and is still kicking- HIGH. If something doesn’t happen to weaken this thing- there’s just NO WAY that the D@mn Nerd and his widdle fwiends are gonna be able to win this- “Power of Friendship” be D@MNED!

There’s still a chane Star can survive if Shiggy steals her quirk and just lets go, having her fall to her death until Endeavor arrives.

And, sure, Shiggy barely survived the missile attack. But, If it was a direct hit he’d be super dead.

How can Shiggy be beaten? It’d be tough but Deku mastering OFA will make him crazy powerful too. But, I guess everything hinders on what Shiggy willl use Star’s quirk for.

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