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Lightning McMean [My Hero Vigilantes 113]

Number 6’s electric transformation is truly shocking!

Sky battle! Didn’t think I’d see this after No. 6 blew himself up last chapter, but here we are. No. 6’s Lightning Style helps even the playing field a bit, giving the villain aerial maneuverability similar to The Crawler. Add that with the nefarious number’s new ability to shoot homing plasma missiles at Koichi and you have the makings of an action-packed final round. I don’t see No. 6 getting more powerful than this. It’s now or never if he ever wants to defeat Koichi.

No. 6 calling Koichi the “ultimate villain” goes to show how much of a sociopath he really is. He truly believes it’s his right to succeed O’Clock, no matter the cost. Still, a part of me feels bad for the guy as, like with Shigaraki, All For One cultivated his dark emotions, creating a tool run on destruction and pain. That, I doubt, is a coincidence. After all, No. 6 is AFO’s experiment. He’s there to…um, what’s No. 6 an experiment for?

No. 6’s Lightning Style hips don’t lie

Overclock? Sure, that’s part of it. But, let’s not forget the bomber cells. If fact, I wonder if we’ll learn why AFO and Ujiko don’t incorporate them into basic nomu designs. You’d think Bombify + Regeneration quirk monsters is a no-brainer. There has to be a reason this quirk combination isn’t standard issue for all nomu.

Proof the Villain Factory’s sponsored by Disney

And let’s not forget quirk singularity. You know, AFO trying to create a body uneffected by more powerful quirks appearing each generation. Assuming No. 6 is, well, the 6th experiment for achieving that very purpose (the villain, Nine, being the ninth experiment and Tenko Shimura being the tenth) and having an AFO vestige, I think it’s safe to say No. 6 has a copy of the All For One quirk with his other confirmed 5 quirks pre-installed on it.

What does this all mean? Well, AFO gets to see the full power of Overclock along with how useful a bomber cell body can be. Safe to say from what we’ve seen in the main series, the Overlord of Evil decides both the high-speed quirk and bomber cell body isn’t powerful enough for his ultimate plans.

Miu and friends. What’s their role in the final battle? Witnesses to No. 6’s defeat and confession of turning Pop into a villain? People for Koichi to save from No. 6’s wrath? All the above? Maybe. But, if No. 6 attacks Koichi’s friends, that’ll be the final nail in his coffin. If there’s one thing we know about our speedster vigilante is he’s at his absolute best when helping people.

Times like this I wonder if AFO just needs to get laid

This was a good chapter. Both Koichi and No. 6 can’t keep flying around forever. It may come down to a test of stamina, but for now, this sky battle is by far my favorite part of their fight. But I have to wonder where the heck are the heroes? They have to be on their way, right? Or, are Best Jeanist, Edgeshot and the others dead! Oh, no! What if they were replaced with clones explaining why we see them in the main series? And all the clones are created by Deku’s father? That’s right, Horikoshi, I figured it all out. Nothing gets past me! Ahahahahaha!!!!

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