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If I Can’t Win, Neither Can You [My Hero Academia 333]

Well, we knew it was only a matter of time…

Star And Stripe is dead. And, I gonna say, I’ll miss her. We didn’t know her for long, but I really liked the character. A shame she got introduced in the same arc she died. Why, Horikoshi? Why keep America’s top hero under wraps just to kill her off? It would’ve been great seeing her interact with Toshinori and Deku and…any of the main cast. How about a movie set in America where we see her show up? No? Okay…

Horikoshi has created such an interesting world filled with interesting characters and concepts that it boggles my mind he’s so seemingly reluctant diving deeper into it. This arc, this whole final arc in general, just feels…too soon. Did we really need My Hero Academia to enter its final arc now? What about more inter-school interactions? Trips abroad meeting foreign hero students? Chapters focused on other characters? More, Horikoshi. I wanted more!

Star needs to switch to decaf
Star literally blew his ass up

Alright, rant over. At least Star gave All For Shiggy the biggest middle finger she could. New Order destroying Shiggy’s other quirks was a genius move. Bravo, Star! With the way New Order (who looks like Star) was tearing into quirks represented by their original owners, I assume since she had Shiggy For One in her clutches by the end of the chapter that only Decay and the All For One quirk are left. Hyper Regeneration too, most likely. Very interesting if true.

I can see Shiggy passing the dysfunctional quirk to the flying Nomu who rescued him, temporarily, but how will Shiggy restock on quirks? Hm… Maybe Ujiko has another secret lab with quirk copies? Or will Shiggy be forced to go hunting for more quirks? You know, like hero or former hero quirks? Or he could get some Tartarus cronies to do it for him. Either way, this development won’t stop Shiggy, but it will certainly delay his plans.

Can I have your PS5? You won’t be needing it anymore.

This was a good chapter! Yeah, yeah. We knew Star would lose, but her final F.U. to Shiggy was glorious. Makes me wonder if New Order will ever be useable now. Guess it depends on where Horikoshi wants to take the series. Just do me a favor and don’t introduce another super powerful American hero just to kill off. Yes, I’m talking about Captain Celebrity. If you kill him, don’t bother coming over to my place for D&D ever again. I mean it this time.

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3 replies on “If I Can’t Win, Neither Can You [My Hero Academia 333]”

I agree that this was all too soon; I think this story has so much potential. We could have had Star introduced sooner and developed her more. Then this would have hit the emotional note that he intended. heck, as good as the War and My Villain Academia were(in the manga- season 5 was TRASH); I feel like we could have gotten those later in the story.
Honestly; we could have had more build up of the Meta Liberation Army and Re-Destro……..the point is: I agree with you. Although; I don’t think I want another movie- I don’t think they want to mess up Season 6 the same way they did 5. I also don’t think Horikoshi wants to write anymore movies. his statement when the 3rd movie was announced and while making the rounds for the 2nd made me think he wasn’t expecting the series to get a 3rd movie.
I now think that New Order is now going to be rendered “unusable.” Like; it rebels against all other quirks- it only works for a Quirkless. And as the Past users pointed out- there aren’t many left. And if he can’t pass it to anyone with a quirk(cause it’ll just rebell against that one), then……how does he remove the “rule” that makes it rebel?

This recent movie made too much money for them not to make another movie. As long as they do that, they’ll make them. Horikoshi can limit his involvement but at the very least they’ll have him create the original movie character designs just to say he’s involved.

The final rule could stop now that Star’s dead or not. Depends on what Hori’s going for.

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