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Horikoshi, You Lying Mother— [My Hero Academia 336]

Deep breaths. Relax. Don’t panic. Now, where did I put my chainsaw?

Aoyama’s a traitor.

He’s the one who led the villains to USJ and the summer camp. Okay. He and Hagakure were the top two suspects. I get that. See, Horikoshi? I understand. I’ll even admit I like the Aoyama family drama. The general revelation coupled with learning Yuga’s parents put him in this precarious position along with Yuga’s sorrow of having to keep doing All For One’s bidding, knowing the current dreadful state of the entire country is solely on that megalomanic and his allies was enjoyable. I ‘m shocked. I’m intrigued.

I’m massively disappointed.

Having an unwilling participant be the U.A. traitor is so amazingly underwhelming I wanted to scream! Where’s the conflict? What about the repercussions? Will Aoyama get kicked out of U.A.? Of course, not. None of this is his fault! Years of wondering what the traitor will do next. Years of anticipating the sweet drama of Class A dealing with having a monster living with them this whole time, a person they thought a friend seeking their very destruction, gone. And in its place? A kid in over his head who will no doubt be forgiven because Horikoshi won’t push the envelope. Yes, this news makes sense, but it still sucks.

When Sir Elton John wants freshly baked sugar cookies in 10 minutes, you best get it done

I was so excited last chapter at the prospect of having a willing betrayer in U.A.’s mist. Someone secretly more powerful than she let on. Damn! I was wondering why Horikoshi revealed Hagakure as the traitor last chapter without her doing something or entering her POV. This is the answer. Ugh!

Now that’s the face of a man with nothing but good intentions

So, was Hagakure simply a red herring all this time? Either she was or she’s a traitor too. What about the missing Class A vote for class president? And Hagakure suggesting the class go to the mall only for Deku to meet Shigaraki? Hagakure was also conveniently out of commission when Deku made plans to secretly save Bakugo in Kamino? Again, were they all red herrings or is more going on here? I’ve always been someone who felt Horikoshi loves laying out clues to his mysteries. Was I too trusting? Or is something more going on? Why was Hagakure in the woods tracking Aoyama instead of training? I may be in denial, but I’m hoping Horkoshi’s setting up Hagakure as the true villainous traitor.

Wouldn’t AFO have more than one traitor at U.A. if he could? Certainly it makes sense having someone keep an eye on his unwilling stooge in case his guilty conscious got the better of him. Right? I just don’t see AFO putting his full trust in someone like Aoyama. He’s too smart for that. Man, I hope I’m right because if it’s just Aoyama, then the Hagakure fake out is hands down my most hated moment in My Hero Academia.

Here come the power-ups! Jiro’s will be smashing villains over the head with her guitar.

How the hell do I even grade this chapter? This recent development makes sense, but I hate it compared to the thought of having a true villain as the traitor. But, if Hagakure’s a traitor too (sleeper agent or otherwise), this would be a massive win. Hmm… Okay… Let’s go with this…

This was a WHAT THE F*CK chapter! That encompasses my emotions perfectly. I’m hoping Hagakure’s indeed a villain and not just a character created to be a fake out. What is even this series anymore? Why are we in the endgame so soon? I’m filled with so much doubt and ice cream right now. Hori, you there? How about a foot massage? Yeah, and in return just make Hagakure the real traitor. Come on! Oh, yeah? Well, your loss, pal!

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7 replies on “Horikoshi, You Lying Mother— [My Hero Academia 336]”

I would be fine with Aoyama if he was a legit villain, but he’s not. Just a kid put into a terrible position by his parents. He’ll be forgiven by U.A. and that’s that. There’s no conflict, no real consequences (at least not yet). It’s such a boring way to resolve this sub-plot.

YEAH…… we’re definitely at the ends sooner than anyone ever anticipated. However; I think that everything that’s happened with Izuku and Tomura is just a “streamlined” version of what he had planned. Like; Deku’s tenure as a Vigilante and Tomura’s fight against Star were Going to happen, but- sooner and in a more condensed way. Then again; I feel like this Ending is exposing a bit of a problem.
It’s the “Naruto Effect” all over again; an ending no one likes exposes the series overall flaws. People didn’t like the Kaguya reveal- “My Hero’s” problem is its pacing. So now people are seeing the problem that this plot was just kind of…… unexplored, largely. He left breadcrumbs to it, but……. I don’t think he focused on it too much. When was the last time the traitor was brought up in story?
I don’t know what to make of the situation, to be honest. I just don’t………

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