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Don’t Be A Drag, Jambe A Queen [One Piece 1034]

Congratulations on your upgrade, Sanji!

And it’s a unique upgrade at that. While Franky’s cyborg body leans on the mechanical/robotic side, Sanji’s body is more biological. Brilliant, Oda. It looks like our favorite chef technically can’t turn invisible, but is now so fast he can imitate the technique. A cool way to for Sanji to keep his Steatlh Black description while making it his own. “Stealth” Black Leg Sanji. Like I said, brilliant, Oda.

Ifrit Jambe adds lightning to Sanji’s flames, and since he said they’re hotter, I wonder if they’re also now blue! Dabi would be proud.

And with that, Queen became the first dinosaur to go into orbit
Well, hello there, Sexy Usopp. Shall I paint you like one of my French girls?

An invisible Queen hit Osome, not Sanji. Good. There’s no way Sanji would break his oath not to hit a woman. It’s just not his style. And once again, props to Oda for making Sanji’s battle against Queen more intimate. It’s not just both #3s of their respective crews slugging it out; it’s Sanji VS a mad scientist who once worked with his hated father, another mad scientist. That personal touch to the fight makes me love it more.

Is Queen down for the count? Probably. He got beat down in his man-beast form while using Germa 66 moves and by a pissed off Sanji used his new Jambe form. There’s not much else for either fighters to do. Unless they decide to have a rap battle, I’m calling this fight as done.

She’s just not into reptiles. Go figure.

This was a good chapter! Sanji proves once again he’s the speedy member of the Monster Trio with a unique upgrade that makes sense in-universe. This is a fight I’m looking forward to seeing in the anime! I hope you’re taking notes, Horikoshi. Next time I see Dabi, he better be kicking Endeavor in the face while wearing a suit! Don’t worry about Oda. He won’t mind. But if he shows up unannounced at your door, hide.

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One reply on “Don’t Be A Drag, Jambe A Queen [One Piece 1034]”

It WAS a Really Good chapter, wasn’t it? Seriously; props to Oda for making this fight so important to the character of Sanji. And his power up for this arc was executed really well, I feel.
I read what Queen said as “Sanji CAN turn invisible, but he didn’t do it there.” Or, if it’s just him moving REALLY, REALLY FAST, then I guess you could say it’s a further advanced version of Soru. I don’t know what Oda’s trying to convey with his Vinsmoke powers…..
I seriously can’t praise this chapter enough!

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