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Catch These Knuckles [My Hero Vigilantes 116]

Knuckleduster’s final gift to Koichi: Permission to fight.

I thought he’d make it. I really did. But, no. Looks like Knuckleduster is dead, for real this time.

Thankfully, his spirit could visit Koichi before passing on. How? It’s a trope, just go with it. The fallen mentor telling his apprentice goodbye in a am I dreaming/hallucinating way to give said hero that last kick in the buns to overcome their current state and win is a classic. I’m just glad Koichi and Knuckleduster got in one last conversation. And after reading this chapter, I can see why the creators waited until now for it to happen.

You should’ve gone for the head, Number 6

Koichi knows he’ll be okay. He doesn’t need Knuckleduster anymore. But more importantly, he has permission to fight back. To do what Knuckleduster has always done, punch the crap outta bad guys.

Maybe he’s just sleeping. Many people sleep without breathing. It’s all the rage these days. *sniff*

Don’t get me wrong. Koichi’s personality hasn’t changed. He’s still a good person, but my guess is he understands that sometimes you have to fight back if there’s no other option. And just like him being stuck underground, he’ll have to once again depend on himself to make it through. If that means punching Number 6 like he punched his way out, then so be it. Koichi can’t rely on heroes coming to save him. He has to save himself!

I honestly didn’t count on Koichi defeating Number 6 on his own. But, yeah, he’s got everything he needs to get it done. So, what now? The Crawler is about to takedown Number 6 on live TV. What will that mean for the vigilante? Using your quirk in self-defense is okay, but again, Koichi is a known vigilante. Will that work in this case? Will he be praised as a hero? Deemed a villain for tearing up Naruhata in his battle against No. 6? Will the police be forced to arrest Koichi despite them acknowledging he did the right under the circumstances?

I keep thinking about My Hero Academia Chapter 298. Seven additional prisons were attacked by Tartarus convicts, but only prisoners from six escaped. Who could stop Tartarus level baddies AND Near High-Ends? Gentle? Rappa? Maybe Gentle but he’d need La Brava’s quirk, and it has a time-limit. As much as I don’t want it to happen, could The Crawler truly be sent to prison for vigilantism and destruction of property? I really don’t want the series ending on such a sad note, but I can’t ignore the possibility.

That’s right. The Crawler learned full cowling. And without breaking a microwave.

This was a good chapter! Knuckleduster and Koichi finally got their final conversation as well as Koichi gaining the knowledge and drive to knock the snot outta Number 6. It’s been a long fight, but the end is in sight. I’d be shocked if either Koichi or No. 6 get another fighting style. Unless Koichi learns Shaq Fu, of course. I’m been predicting that happening for years.

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